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From Stage to Spooky: Our Faves Best Halloween Looks

Written by: Kiri Hassinger

Can you believe it? It’s finally the start of spooky season! While we love the fall drinks, the pumpkin bread, and watching Gilmore Girls 24/7, we absolutely ADORE looking back at all of our faves Halloween costumes! Though we don’t know what they’ll dress up as this Halloween, we can take a trip down memory lane and look at some of their best costumes from the past couple of years! 🎃

Harry Styles

If there's one thing Harry knows how to do, it's put on a Halloween show! While he's had some iconic Halloween costumes throughout the years (shoutout to Danny from Grease), we all remember Harryween 2021 when Harry dressed up as Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz! He even had his band as the rest of the iconic characters from the film. Harry really went all out for this costume, complete with a bow, stuffed Toto, a picnic basket, and even wore blush and mascara! We also love that his boots were made to look like the famous ruby red slippers and socks. He even sang the most beautiful cover of "Over The Rainbow." We love how he always gives 110%, even with his Halloween costumes! 🪄

Olivia Rodrigo

WOW! Just WOW! Everything about this costume is just perfect. We love the way Olivia executed this costume. She really made the iconic

Betty Boop look her own! We love all of the red in her costume from her nails, lips, and red dress! The bow on top was such a cute addition, and we could totally see her wearing this outside of a Halloween setting! She kept to the original Betty Boop design with the red garter belt, but added her own flare with the sheer knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes! This look is so classic and instantly recognizable, and we think that Olivia has to be one of the best we've seen yet! ❤️

Keke Palmer

First, let’s give Keke a hand for all of the effort that went into this Rapunzel costume. The costume itself is so well done, every tiny detail fits into place. Even her nails match the pink in her dress! The set for this picture is just as intricate as the costume. Complete with a castle and waterfall in the background, a bird to hold up some of her braids, and the vines growing up the sides of the tower that she’s looking out of. The pictures look like they're straight out of a storybook! We love seeing intricate recreations of characters that we loved growing up, and Keke delivered! 🌸

Joe Jonas

This has to be one of the funnier costumes on the list. Who doesn’t remember watching commercial breaks full of Progressive Insurance commercials? Joe made sure to keep his costume faithful to the original! He has all of the most iconic elements of Flo's outfit: the apron, the name tag, and the "I ❤️ INSURANCE" pin. He's also wearing a brown wig and blue headband, and he even did his makeup for this costume! Seriously, we just love everything about the way Joe made this costume. It really screams "Together, we make progress." 🤭

Lil Nas X

This isn't the first time we've seen Lil Nas X in an extraterrestrial costume, and we sure hope it won't be the last! For this costume, Lil Nas X sported a mechanical, alien-esque morph suit and black platform boots! He completed the look with rhinestones around the edges of his morph suit, more around his eyes as a part of his makeup for the costume, and creepy contact lenses that matched the bright green on his suit! We loved seeing his creativity shine in this costume. We've never seen another alien slay like this! 👽


This costume is SO faithful to the original Corpse Bride. We love how Halsey used makeup to make her eyes look like the classic Tim Burton circles and to give her cheekbones the ghoulishly dead look. She also sported a

blue wig, wilting flower crown, and

white satin gloves, just like Emily! The movie is such a Halloween classic, and Halsey's recreation of the character is just perfect! 💙

Demi Lovato

Remember when IT (2017) came out and everyone suddenly remembered why they were scared of clowns? Well, Demi took advantage of that and dressed up as Pennywise! Of course, she made the costume her own by turning the movie costume into a dress with red puffballs down the middle. She also put on a red wig, some creepy red contacts lenses, long black nails, and carried a red ballon around with her. 🎈


Back in 2019, The HAIM sisters won Halloween by dressing up as the OG pop-rock trio of brothers: Hanson. The costumes were perfect, complete with

blonde wigs, oversized 90s shirts and hoodies, and the head swaying while playing “MMMBop!” Their recreation was the perfect funny costume, and no one else could have pulled this off like they did. They even made a video just to show how dedicated they were! They also used this post to hint at their new song, letting their fans know that it would be a "HAIMMMMMMBop!" We loved all of the puns that they used with their name and this iconic costume! 🎧


Who remembers when Rihanna and some of her friends dressed up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We loved how she made the costume her own! The green hair and strappy sandals added just the right amount of flare, and her red lip matched perfectly with her mask! She and her friends really went all in with the makeup, painting their bodies yellowish-green. We love seeing when our faves get super into the costumes, and Rihanna definitely did this year! 🐢

Lady Gaga

Another classic costume! Lady Gaga has always been known for her costumes, whether she's performing, attending an awards show, or simply celebrating Halloween! We loved the way she used makeup to transform her face really showcased how much of an artist she is! We always love it when our faves include props in their costumes, and Lady Gaga went all out with the Scissorhands and the leather and hardware bodysuit! She made the perfect Edward Scissorhands that year! ✂️

We love celebrating Halloween with scary movies and carving pumpkins, but we definitely can't wait to see what all of our faves dress up as! We hope this even gave you some costume inspiration for Halloween this year! What was your favorite Halloween Costume from your favorite artist? Let us know on our Instagram! 🎃

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