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Behind the Fan: @acessodualipa ✨

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

What would we do without fan accounts? The dedicated superfans behind the screen provide us with timely updates, fabulous new photos, and overall immense appreciation for our favorite artists. Their passion is inspiring, and their love is heartwarming. This week, we are joined by the charming fan behind @acessodualipa, Pedro! Pedro enjoys music, traveling, making people laugh, and of course, Dua Lipa! 💃🏻

Pedro became a fan of Dua in 2017 during the height of fame for “New Rules.” He says the video for the song was frequently recommended to him on YouTube, and he never really took interest. One day, however, he decided to check out what all the fuss was about and has never looked back! He fell in love with her unique personality and how she is full of love and light. ☀️

Fans of any artist can find it challenging to pinpoint their favorite song. When we asked Pedro about his favorite Dua Lipa song, he confidently told us it is “Prisoner”! “Prisoner” features Miley Cyrus, someone Pedro has revered since the days of Hannah Montana. He says that having two artists he admires collaborate on a song together was super important to him. Talk about the best of both worlds! 🌎

In addition to their favorite song, we love to hear all about fans’ favorite videos of artists! Pedro shares that his favorite video of Dua is her music video for “We’re Good”! He explains how the video references the Titanic, which happens to be his favorite movie! 🎥

Something that is SO exciting for fan account owners is when the artist they look up to interacts with their account, and Pedro was overjoyed when Dua reposted and liked two Acesso publications within 2 months in 2021! He shares that he will never forget the feeling of butterflies this gave him, and it meant so much to him. Unfortunately, Dua has not played in Brazil, where Pedro is from, since 2017. We just know the next time she visits, Pedro will be first in line! 💜

When Dua does perform in Brazil, who should she play with? Pedro says he would LOVE a show with Miley Cyrus, where they would not only perform “Prisoner” together, but covers of each other's songs! He says that Madonna would be the perfect opener, as she is such an inspiration to Dua, and their sounds would work so well together. In addition to Madonna, he suggests Angèle, an artist who Pedro admires a lot! He has it all planned out, as he says that Angèle and Dua would sing “Fever” together! When this concert comes to town, we WILL be getting tickets! 🤩

It takes a lot of effort to run a fan account, but it is so rewarding! Pedro shares how fortunate he is to have found so many people to connect with over the fact that they all love Dua as much as he does! Even bigger than that, he says being able to share news and memes with them, and knowing that they support that content that he creates is so rewarding. Not only do Dua fans support Acesso, but all fan pages do their best and do an amazing job. This account has allowed him to meet new, incredible people, and it also taught him many lessons that he will definitely take with him for the rest of his life! 🥺

Of all of these wonderful experiences running a fan account, Pedro’s favorite has to be when he covered the GRAMMYs in 2021! Being there cheering for Dua along with other fans was amazing, and he remembers it like it was yesterday! He was jumping for joy when they announced Future Nostalgia as Best Pop Vocal Album! 🎉

To close out our interview, we asked Pedro what he would say to Dua if given the chance! His response was: “I would like to thank her for inspiring me everyday, for sending her fans so much love and for making music that brings us joy under any circumstances. I wish her to grow more and more, because she

deserves it. I love you Dua!” 💗

We had so much fun getting to know Pedro and hearing about his passion for Dua Lipa! We are so happy about all of the wonderful experiences this account has provided him with! Head on over to Instagram to follow @acessodualipa, and check back soon for another Behind the Fan! ⭐️

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