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Behind the Fan: @adele__obsessed 🌟

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

Having an artist in our lives that brings us so much joy is such a blessing. In turn, being able to express how much we adore that artist to the world is such a rewarding experience. Adele superfan, Katie, expresses her adoration of Adele everyday through her account @adele__obsessed on Instagram! This week, we had the honor of speaking with Katie and learning all about her love for Adele! 💖

Katie first became a fan of Adele in 2016. She shares that she applied to a wish charity that grants wishes for ill children and teenagers but did not know what she should wish for. Her mom brought up the idea of seeing Adele at the O2 in London. Being that Katie is from the South of England, this seemed like a great idea. She admits that seeing Adele was the best decision she could ever make! She became a fan immediately after, and the rest is history. Something Katie really admires about Adele is her ability to write songs that really speak to her listeners. She says Adele is able to relate to what fans are feeling when they can’t even find the words. 🥺

Music builds such a connection between artists and fans. Katie’s favorite song by Adele is “Hold On,” because she feels such strong emotions tied to it. She explains how when she feels down, listening to this song reminds her that everything is going to be okay. The lines that speak most to her are when Adele says, “Right now I truly hate being me,” and then goes on to say, “Let time be patient, you’re still strong.” This reminds us all that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you will always be okay. 💙

Building on connections, seeing videos of our favorite artists can make us feel engaged with them. For Katie, watching Adele on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke brings her so much joy! She loves the way they burst into song together and the stories Adele tells James about her life. Her favorite part is when James starts singing, and Adele is shocked by how good he is! 😂

Another one of Katie’s favorite Adele moments is when she performed at Glastonbury Festival in England. The way the audience sings her songs back to her is so heartwarming! It shows how genuine of a person Adele is, and how great her gratitude for her fans is! ✨

Katie has had the honor of seeing Adele not just once, but twice! In addition to her wonderful experience seeing her at the O2 in 2016, she was also able to see her perform at Wembley Stadium in 2017! She shares that the way Adele interacts with her audience is unlike anyone else, and she shares stories about her life that really make you feel like you know her. The atmosphere at Adele’s concerts is incredible and hearing her deep lyrics live tug at the heartstrings! ❤️

We asked Katie who the perfect person to play a concert with Adele would be. She excitedly told us she would love to see Adele play with Ariana Grande, as both of their powerful voices would sound amazing together! She would LOVE to hear them sing “Rolling in the Deep” together! We agree Katie, that really would be the ultimate performance! 🤩

Running a fan account is a unique experience and gives fans the ability to show their favorite artists love from all over the world! When asked what her favorite part of having a fan account is, Katie said she loves looking back at her account and being able to see Adele’s progression. She shares many photos and videos of Adele, and it is a wonderful compilation of her career thus far. We can’t wait to see it keep going up! 📈

In addition, Katie is so thankful for being able to interact with other Adele fans through her account! Building relationships with other fans is a great experience, and Katie sure feels the love! She recently shared a reel that has racked up 18 million views! To see the outreach her posts have is surreal! 💌

As we wrapped up our interview, we asked Katie what she would say to Adele if given the opportunity. This was her heartwarming response!

“I would tell Adele how much I love her music and how her music has helped me so much in my life. I would also say that I would love to meet her one day, and it would be my dream to get a picture with her!” 📸

We so loved the opportunity to talk to this incredibly kind, Adele superfan this week! If you are not already, make sure to follow Katie on Instagram @adele__obsessed, and keep an eye out for our next Behind the Fan! 🥳

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