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Behind the Fan: @arisperfumefans ⭐️

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we got to interview Chiara, a 20 year old Arianator who lives in Germany with her two cats! She runs the Instagram fan account @arisperfumefans. She absolutely loves Ariana Grande and we can’t wait to share more about her story with you today! 👑

Chiara has always been a music fan but didn’t become an Arianator till 2016. She hadn’t really thought about the artists behind her favorite songs but once she heard Ariana’s song “Dangerous Woman", she was obsessed with the vocals and listened to it nonstop! This song reminds Chiara why she loves Ari! 🌈

What draws Chiara to Ariana is her loving soul. Chiara says that Ari always seems so sweet and humble around her fans. She isn’t afraid to speak up for others and uses her platform for good! Chiara has no doubt that her authentic nature is genuine to Ari IRL. Besides her personality, Chiara is amazed by Ariana's insane vocal range and technique. She also said that Ariana makes those high notes look easy and even after being a fan for close to 10 years, Chiara is still blown away by her whistle tone. 🪩

When asked about her fav Ari song, Chiara had a hard time coming up with an answer. Obviously “Dangerous Woman” will always hold a special place in her heart but “One Last Time” has the most meaning to the fan base. It represents how the fans came together and grew closer after this song, it reminds us just how special fandom is! 🎸

Chiara hasn’t met Ariana (yet) but her favorite memory is an experience she had with her best friend. They met when they were in school and really connected through Ariana’s music. Chiara isn’t sure if they would’ve been as close if it wasn’t for Ari. Chiara and her BFF are always sending each other Arianator content. While they’ve gotten close since then and know more about each other, Chiara likes to think back on how they were hardcore stans when they met and will always have that special bond! 🎧

Chiara's most watched Ariana music video ever is “Into You.” She says that other videos like “God is a Woman” or “No Tears Left to Cry” seem like the obvious choice because of the cool visual effects and cool concept ideas but Chiara watches “Into You” religiously. Even though the video is simple, there is something about it that Chiara really resonated with. 💎

In September 2019, Chiara had an absolutely unreal experience. Ari announced her tour while Chiara and her bestie were only working part-time jobs and they saved and planned to see Ariana live for the first time ever! They made a mini vacation in a city full of Arianators and Chiara was lucky enough to get into the VIP lounge! It was so cool to see Ariana from the pit and get to see her under the moon. Sounds like an unforgettable vacation! 🧡

If Chiara could plan Ari’s next tour she would love to see Måneskin open the show. However, She knows they don’t fit the vibe of Ariana’s typical opening act so if not them Chiara wants to see Little Mix open for her again. Chiara is hoping for a Positions tour and we are manifesting that for her! ✨

The best part of running a fan account is definitely the people, according to Chiara. She told us how running her account has allowed her to meet such sweet, funny, and interesting people. Chiara says that finding new friends and learning about the perfume industry is definitely a plus. She also explained that having people who share her opinion and want to talk about Ariana is so comforting and makes her feel seen! Chiara says that this is the best experience she’s had running an account. Having these people in her life now isn’t something she would trade for anything. They always have her back and support her and Chiara does the same. Chiara says she’s grateful for her account and all the new people it has brought into her life. 🎹

If she could send Ari a message Chiara would say this: “Thank you Ariana for always being so true to yourself and letting us be part of your life through your beautiful music. Because of you, I was inspired to start taking singing lessons and perform. Thank you also for the wonderful friends you send into my life. I hope you know how loved you are and how brave we think you’ve been with everything that happened.” I wish you so much luck as Glinda and hope you get to fulfill all your other dreams, not just music! I’m excited for whatever you plan next.” 💘

Thanks so much for sharing your story Chiara! It is so cool to see fans bonding over their fav artists. Be sure to follow her Instagram account @arisperfumefans to get updated on all things Ariana and check out more Behind the Fan interviews here!

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