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Behind the Fan: @beberexhaczsk 🖤

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann

Most easily known for her vocals in the song “Me, Myself & I”, Bebe Rexha’s singing career wasn’t always in front of the stage lights. Back in 2013, Bebe got her big break as a songwriter, writing “Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna and co-writing “Hey Mama” for David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Afrojack. To some, this may seem like a complete surprise. However, for one of our favorite fan accounts, @beberexhaczsk, this was part of the reason why she fell in love with Bebe Rexha’s music! 🤗

Stanya is 20 years old, from the Czech Republic, and she became a fan of Bebe’s at the age of 14! With just one EP out at the time, people would recognize Bebe for her voice but not necessarily her name or face. Though Stanya explains, that was what made her stand out - the realness behind Bebe’s character and how she incorporates that into the songs she writes. From topics such as mental health to body positivity, Stanya illustrates that, “[Bebe] has taught me so much because she’s always spoken about things nobody really talked to me about before.” 🤍

As Stanya joined the fandom online, she immediately noticed the authentic connection Bebe had with her fans. Stanya recalls that when talking to some of her friends, they told her that, “Fame was going to change [Bebe Rexha].” But let us tell you, throughout all six years Stanya has been part of the Rexhars, the relationship between Bebe and her fans has never changed. ✨

When asked about her favorite song by Bebe Rexha, Stanya says it’s always “I’m Going to Show You Crazy” - especially the acoustic version! For the first time in her life, Stanya explains that she felt like somebody understood her; Bebe and her music became Stanya’s safe place.

However when it comes to her favorite music video, Stanya says “Sabotage” would be her favorite and wished more people recognized it. Between the meaning and what it stands for, Stanya knows this song is valued by Bebe.

Stanya has also had some pretty cool encounters with Bebe! A favorite memory Stanya recounts is meeting Bebe in Munich, Germany in 2019. It was the second time they had met, but the first time Bebe actually knew who Stanya was! Stanya recalls being able to chat with Bebe and give her flowers, which made her feel beyond special and cherish the memory enormously. 🥳