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Behind the Fan: @selenatorredit 🕊

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we got the chance to talk with Ariana! She’s from Venezuela and owns the Instagram account @selenatorredit! We feel so grateful to have been able to talk with her about why she loves Selena Gomez so much and are excited to share her story! 🤩

Ari became a fan of Selena when the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place first premiered on Disney Channel in 2007! Ari’s admired Selena since she started watching the show because of how Selena expresses everything and has so much love and dedication for those around her! One of the things that makes Selena so special to Ari is how Selena remembers how important self-love and mental health are. 🤍

When we asked Ari what her favorite song was, she couldn’t pick between her three favorites! “Who Says” is one of her favorites because it’s her self-love anthem. If she’s having a bad day and needs a pick-me-up, this is always the song that brings a smile to Ari’s face! Even though it makes her cry happy tears sometimes, it’s one of the most important songs in her life! Another song she just loves is “Hit The Lights” because it reminds her to live her life without fear of the future. “My Mind & Me” is the most meaningful song to Ari — she loves how Selena makes her feel like she’s not going through mental health struggles alone and how much the song reminds her to keep fighting! 🥰

Her favorite video of Selena is actually the music video for “Back To You”! Not only does Ari love all of the outfits and the vintage theme of the video, but she also loves how happy Selena looks in the video! The simplicity of it makes it one of her favorite videos, and we couldn’t agree more. 😍

Although Ari hasn’t had the chance to see Selena live, she’s still hopeful that she’ll be able to one day soon! She told us that it would be “a dream come true” to see Selena live and that even if it were only for a few minutes, she’d appreciate every moment of it. We’re hoping you get that opportunity soon, Ari! She told us that if she got the chance, she’d love to see Selena and Taylor Swift sing together again because she’s loved every video she’s seen of them together! Another duo that she’d love to see is Miley Cyrus and Selena because of how wonderful she thinks their voices would sound together! 👯‍♀️

One of Ari’s favorite things about having a fan account is simply the way she’s able to interact with people who love and appreciate Selena in the same way she does. She loves how she can meet so many new people and have conversations with them about fandom life and Selena. While she’s never been noticed by Selena herself, she has been noticed by the Rare Beauty account a few times! Ari told us that she’s not losing faith that she’ll get noticed by Selena one day soon. 😊

If Ari could tell Selena anything, she’d make sure she knows how much of an inspiration Selena is to her and so many other people. She told us that Selena’s art “makes me feel alive, you have helped me to move forward in many aspects of my life, you have saved me, not only me but millions of people as well. Over the years you have shown yourself to be a strong and fighting woman, you are enough and beautiful as you are. I love you with all my heart, and I will always support you in every stage of your life, as I have been doing since the first day!” 🥺

If you enjoyed Ari’s story as much as we did, make sure to follow her on Instagram @selenatorredit! Let us know your favorite Selena memories, or your favorite songs of hers on our Instagram or Twitter, and check out other incredible fan stories here! 💜

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