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Behind the Fan: @spotify_swift 💜

Written by: Katie Curran

Happy Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) era to everyone who is celebrating! We have been streaming nonstop since the album came out, and have loved every second of it. In this week’s edition of Behind the Fan, we are continuing the celebrations with Bradley, the fan behind the account @spotify_swift on Twitter. He is from Albania and became a Swiftie during the 1989 era. 🤩

Bradley was a casual fan of Taylor Swift for a long time, but listening to 1989 made him fall in love with her music! “Blank Space” was really special for him because he says it was something that had never been done before in terms of lyrics. “Shake It Off” is also a special song to Bradley because it helped him through some mental health struggles in 2014. His favorite album of hers is Speak Now, which he wishes he had heard back when it first came out! We’re excited that Bradley can relive the era with the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) release! Currently, his favorite Taylor Swift song is “marjorie” because it reminds him of the connection he has with his grandmother and the way Taylor describes her grandmother in the song is very similar to his own. We love finding those special songs that we can relate to and connect with. ❤️

If Bradley had the chance to see Taylor live, he would love to see her open with either “Our Song” or “You Belong With Me!” Despite “Our Song” being a massive hit in the U.S., he wishes it was more popular in Europe. He would also love to hear her play songs from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) all day long. While he wishes more songs from the era were on the Eras Tour setlist, he still loves the album! One thing he would love to see Taylor do is work with as many producers as possible so that she can expand her range like she did with folklore and evermore. He would love to see Taylor slay more genres of music, with producers that she hasn’t worked with before! 😍

Bradley’s favorite thing about running a fan account is getting to meet new people from all over the world and learning new things from them because Taylor has such a huge reach across the globe. Long-distance fandom friendships are so special! If given the chance to talk to Taylor, Bradley would say, “You’re such an inspiration to me and millions of fans out there. Thanks for releasing many good songs which have helped us throughout all these years.” 🥰

We loved getting to talk to Bradley about his experience as a Swiftie, and are so excited to share! If you enjoyed hearing his story, be sure to check out our other Behind the Fan blogs! Be sure to check out our latest YouTube video reacting to the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) vault tracks and if you want to see the best content about Taylor Swift or your other favs, follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! 💜

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