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Behind the Fan: @theofficialwondertour 💙

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with Emma! She’s from Australia and runs the account @theofficialwondertour on Instagram. We’re so excited to share her story and why she loves Shawn Mendes so much and we are so lucky to have spoken with her! 💖

Emma told us that she first became a fan of Shawn when his single “Stitches” was released, and from then on, she loved his music and couldn’t get enough! She said that once his self-titled album came out, that’s when her love for him grew and now, she’d call herself a pretty dedicated fan! 🎶

When we asked her what songs of Shawn’s mean the most to her, Emma’s first answer was that all of them mean so much to her in different ways. When she narrowed it down to the ones that have a special place in her heart, the three that made the top of the list were “Never Be Alone,” “Look Up At The Stars,” and “305.” She loves them because as much as they’re songs that she can vibe to, Emma also really connects with them! 🎸

Emma said that her favorite videos of Shawn are always the “funniest Shawn moments” compilations or just any video from him on tour! She’s also had the chance to make fan videos for his birthday, and she said that’s some of the best content she’s ever worked on. All of these videos make her so happy and are another way for her to express how much she loves and appreciates him! 💛

While Emma’s never been able to see Shawn in concert before, her favorite memory of him is when he came to Australia for the “Shawn Mendes: The Tour” shows! She told us that just knowing he was finally in her country made her so happy and was just a feeling she can’t fully put into words. He’s never directly interacted with her fan account, but Shawn Access has! 🥰

Emma said that she’s so excited for the day when she finally gets to see him live because she knows it’ll be such an unforgettable experience for her. It’ll be a memory she keeps close to her heart forever! If she could plan her dream Shawn show, he’d definitely be playing with someone like Harry Styles or Taylor Swift. Emma said she’d want Camila Cabello to come on stage as well and have the show full of special guests! We’re in total agreement with her on that one. 😍

We asked Emma what her favorite part of having a fan account is and she said that not only is it making new friends and interacting with other fans, but also the fact that she gets to share her love of Shawn with the world! One of the best experiences she’s had from her fan account is when she made a fan book for Shawn! So far, it has over 400 responses and has gotten some really cool stories and pictures! Emma said that it’s already been noticed by some of Shawn’s team and friends! If Emma could tell Shawn anything, she’d tell him that “you’re enough for us. You’re incredible and we love you!” 🤍

If you loved reading about Emma and her story as much as we did, check out her Instagram @theofficialwondertour! If you want to let us know your favorite Shawn songs or memories, tell us on our Instagram or Twitter, and make sure to read the other fan stories here! 😊

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