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Our Favorite Fan Accounts from Our Favorite Fandoms 🤩

Written by: Katie Curran

A large portion of an artist’s popularity nowadays is through social media, specifically with fan accounts! Fan accounts are one of the biggest ways fans interact with each other, and create long-lasting friendships as a result. Whether you’re a Harrie, an Army, or a Swiftie, fan accounts are a way for you to keep up with your favorite artist, onstage and offstage. This week, we’re telling you all about our favorite accounts from each fandom. 😍

Harry Styles

  • @harryflorals: One of the most popular Harry accounts on Instagram, @harryflorals gives followers real-time updates of concert outfits and videos as well as other appearances he makes! We love this account because the owners allow other fans to interact with each other, bringing harries even closer!

  • @hazzasghost - Ran by our good friend, Krissy, @hazzasghost is a mix of an update account and funny content with Krissy's hilarious reactions to Harry! Check out our Behind the Fan interview with Krissy to learn all about her and her incredible fan account!

Here are some of our other favorite fan accounts, run by harries for harries! 🤩

  • @HSDaily: Another amazing update account!

  • @infinitelyharry is run by Sierra, who posts pictures and videos from concerts as well as her own reactions to them! She also makes sure to treat her followers like her friends which we adore!

Ariana Grande

  • @ArianaToday: With a following of almost 661,000 Arianators on Twitter, @ArianaToday gives fans updates on all things Grande! From music and acting to her beauty products, this account is perfect for fans wanting to find out more.

  • @arisperfumefans: This account updates arianators on all things perfume! From the Mod collection to Cloud, Chiara makes sure you will never miss out on anything to do with Ari's perfume. Read our Behind the Fan interview with Chiara to learn more about how she became an arianator and started her fan account!

Here are some of our other favorite Ariana accounts that will have you hitting the post notification button! 💖

  • @updatesgrande: Ran by Maya, this is another incredible update account that also posts her fav content of Ari. Check out her Behind the Fan interview here!

  • @grandeschart This Twitter account updates fans on Ariana Grande’s chart history and success! It even covers songs of hers going viral on social media, and trends related to Ariana. We love getting to hear all about Ariana’s success!


  • @army_connect: This BTS fan account is dedicated to connecting fans across the world! While they post about achievements the band members have, it’s a place for Army to find a community online, and we love that!

  • @KnjMyLife: This Twitter account, owned by Sethi, posts pictures of each BTS member while interacting with fans like them. We love getting to see communities of fans interact online!

Army, if you enjoy these accounts, be sure to check out our other favorites below! 💜


  • @rumiyonce: With over 400K followers on Instagram, @rumiyonce is one of the biggest Beyoncé fan accounts on the platform! They post updates from concerts as well as chart news and even outfits Beyoncé wears.

  • @beyonceaccessbr: This account, geared toward fans of Beyoncé that live in Brazil, is an update account that also posts videos and other content about Beyoncé! It is entirely in Portuguese, which gives international fans a chance to connect with each other.

BeyHive, if you're a fan of these accounts, then you will love some other of our favs! 💛

  • BeyLegion: This Twitter account is a mix of updates and just genuine love for queen Bey! Sharing everything from fashion sketches to concert videos, you don't want to miss out on following this fan account!

  • BeyoncePress: You won't miss a single thing with this update account! Be sure to give them a follow for all thing Bey!

Taylor Swift

  • @taylorswiftstyled: This account shows off all of Taylor Swift’s outfits through the years, including easter eggs from music videos and outfits she wears in her daily life! It includes everything from dresses in music videos to jewelry Taylor is seen wearing. We love getting to see all of the memories, and reminisce on them!

  • @tswifterastour: The fanmade, unofficial Twitter account updates fans all over the world on all things related to the Eras Tour! From when Taylor and her openers go on to the surprise songs of the night, they help Swifties everywhere stay connected!

Swifties, if you’re love these fan accounts, check out these for even more T. Swift! 🥰

  • @taylorswift.updates13: Ran by the amazing Jessica, @taylorswift.updates13 is one of the first to post about anything new that Swifties need to know! You can watch our Behind the Fan interview here to learn about Jessica and her love for Taylor and the music industry!

  • @swifterstruggle: This hilarious account posts content that will have all swifties crying laughing. Check out this account for the funniest, most relatable tweets!

Jonas Brothers

  • @carlajonas: Carla is a longtime fan of the Jonas Brothers, and has a following of over 10K! We had the amazing opportunity to speak to Carla in our Behind the Fan series! Be sure to check out her interview here and learn all about her story with her fan account!

  • @jbrosnews: This Instagram account gives updates for all things Jonas! Fans on insta can get updates on videos from concerts, appearances the Brothers do, and everything in between.

If you love these accounts, here are some other amazing accounts to check out! 😄

Olivia Rodrigo

  • @ortourupdates: Wondering what's the latest on Olivia's live shows? This update account has you covered! Updating on everything tour, as well as some general updates, Ben and Tahlia won't let you miss a single thing! Check out our Behind the Fan interview with both of them to see how they started this amazing page!

  • @livsthinker: This Twitter account is all things Olivia, and even promotes fan engagement by telling other Livies about how to stream songs so that Olivia can chart higher!

Here are two more of our favorite Olivia Rodrigo fan accounts! 🥰

Miley Cyrus

  • @cyrusfamilyrares: This fan account gives fans content on all things Miley, from throwbacks to new videos! We had the amazing chance to talk to Riley in season 1 of Behind the Fan. If you want to learn more, check out our interview!

  • @WileyArmy: This Twitter account gives its followers updates on all news related to Miley! From charts and music news to the history of her career, we love how it helps fans stay up to date and not miss any awesome content!

Smiles, If you enjoyed these, be sure to follow two of our other fav Miley accounts! 🤍

  • @mcyrusargentina - Ran by 3 friends from Argentina, Magalí, Flor, and Candela make sure that their home country doesn't miss anything Miley. Watch our Behind the Fan interview to find out their favorite part about running their incredible account!

  • @MileyUpdates: This account has been updating smiles since 2010, and doesn't miss a beat when it comes to updating everyone on Miley. Give them a follow on Twitter so you can see all the updates on your timeline!

Shawn Mendes

  • @greatshawnmendes: This account is perfect for fans of Shawn who want to reminisce on past memories of him! We had the wonderful chance to speak with Diana, the owner of this account, on Season 3 of Behind the Fan! Check out the interview here and learn how she met Shawn in the coolest way!

  • @theofficialwondertour: Emma, who runs this Instagram account for fans across the globe, gives updates on all things Mendes. Predominantly an update account, she has also promoted fan projects and is even currently working on one for Shawn’s 25th birthday! We also had the incredible chance to speak with Emma for Behind the Fan, which you can read more about here.

Check out two more of our favorite Shawn accounts below! ❤️

  • @postsmendes: This twitter account simply posts the best content of Shawn that will sure have you giggling and kicking your feet. From videos to candid pics of Shawn, you don't want to miss out!

  • @shawmendeses: This Insta account simply just posts about their love for Shawn. From the cutest pics to edits, be sure to check them out!

Bad Bunny

  • @badbunnyrm: This Instagram fan page gives followers everything related to Bad Bunny! From photos and videos to news about his career, fans of the star are able to get everything they need to know.

  • @AccessBadBunny: This Twitter updates account is perfect for fans of the star! They post content related to his concerts and music releases and even update fans when Benito posts on his own social media accounts. We love seeing fans interact with each other, and this account does just that!

Here are two more of our favorite Bad Bunny fan accounts! 🥳

  • @sanbenitoposting: If you're looking for an account with edits, memes, or everything in between, this is the perfect page for you! This Insta page will have you loving Bad Bunny even more than you did before.

  • @badbunnynetwork: This account is all about the facts and news when it comes to Benito. They post everything from new records he's broken to his latest Instagram story so be sure to give them a follow!

We absolutely love seeing fans interact with each other online, and these fan accounts do just that! If you enjoyed hearing all about these accounts, be sure to check out our Behind the Fan blog interviews as well as our Behind the Fan series on YouTube. If you want to see more amazing content about your favorite stars, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok! 💜

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