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What is an Example of a Fandom?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Written by: Katherine Penman

Fandoms cover just about every form of entertainment available, and for those who are new to the term, the world of fandoms can be a confusing place to navigate. To help better understand what fandoms are, we put together a short list of examples to show you!


Swifties are Taylor Swift fans. The fandom name is a play on Taylor's last name and was created by the fans. Swifties are a highly dedicated fanbase who spend a lot of time decoding every little hint Taylor gives them regarding releasing new music. They also are giving Taylor loads of support when it comes to her re-recording many of her old albums. Taylor and her fandom have a close relationship, and in the past, Taylor has even invited Swifties over to her home for cookies!


The K-pop girl group TWICE calls their fandom Once. The name means that if the fans love them once, the girls will love them twice as much. Unlike many western groups, the fandom name was not created by the fans, but it was given to them by the band. This is very common within K-pop fandoms. Once show their love for TWICE by waving their lightsticks and learning all the fan chants to sing at their concerts. TWICE returns this love in many ways! One way was at a recent concert on their North American tour where they played 7 encore songs because they didn’t want the concert to end!


Although the boys now make music individually, One Direction fans are still very active. Many Directioners support each member's solo career and hope the boys might sing together again one day. Directioners are a great example of fandoms that thrive even when what the fandom follows has come to a hiatus or even an end. They created a community that continues to share their passion for the 1D members!

These are just a few fandoms, but there are many more. There are fandoms for TV shows, books, video games, etc. Fandoms can be great places where fans come together, and they help to create a community that supports a common interest!

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