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Why We Love Harry Styles!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Written by: Caroline Walters

It’s no secret that we absolutely love Harry Styles, and with it being his 29th birthday, we wanted to talk about all the reasons we love him so much! It’s hard to narrow the list down, but here are some of our favorite things about Harry himself! 🎉

First things first, he’s a fashion icon! Not only is he besties with Alessandro Michele, the former creative director for Gucci, but they recently unveiled the “HA HA HA” collection together! The line was named after both of them to celebrate their friendship and shared love of fashion. He also co-chaired the 2019 Met Gala with not only Alessandro, but Lady Gaga, Anna Wintour, and Serena Williams! It was so camp of him. Speaking of camp, if you’ve ever seen his outfits for Love on Tour, you know why we think he’s an icon! He’s never cared about how clothing is “gendered” (he was the first man to be solo on the cover of Vogue, and he even did it in an incredible dress)! He loves a good boa and sequin moment, and we get it! 😍

Speaking of Love on Tour, his energy and the way he puts his heart and soul into every single show is just insane! The tour visuals and intro have always swept us off our feet, from the iconic HSLOT bunnies from the 2021 tour to the Daydreaming intro for the residencies! He just knows how to keep an audience entranced, especially with his round-stage design! There are no props or stage setup, just him and his band having fun on stage for 90 minutes. The horns section just blows us away every time — it’s so obvious how much Harry loves them by the way he dances during it! His shows are a safe space for his fans and they create such a sense of community that it’s hard not to want to be at every single show! 🥰

Not only are the performances he puts on amazing, but so are his opening acts! Harry makes sure to pick artists that he genuinely loves and listens to so he can give them a platform to play for bigger audiences! On his first solo tour, he had artists like MUNA, Leon Bridges, and Kacey Musgraves opening for him. During his residencies, he had a different opener in each city to give the audience a new artist to discover. We love that he chooses artists that not only he likes, but ones he knows his fans will too! 🎸

One huge thing that we admire about Harry Styles is the way he constantly uses his voice and his platform to speak up for what he believes in and cares about! He constantly helps fans come out to their families at shows and waves pride flags every single show during “Treat People With Kindness,” because that’s his whole motto! He has tour partnerships with sustainability company called Reverb, and they work together to reduce the environmental impact that touring has on the planet. He also partners with Everytown, which is a company that works to educate people about gun violence and works to reduce the amount of violence seen in the United States. He also is a super open supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and will talk about it on and off stage. It’s clear that he genuinely follows the treat people with kindness motto and loves and supports so many different people! 🤍

The thing about Harry Styles is that he really can do it all. Actor, businessman, model, musician — you name it, he’s probably done it! His acting debut with Dunkirk blew us away, and he’s only gotten better since then. His passion for acting shines through the camera and it’s so fun to see him playing a superhero on the big screen! His skincare/beauty brand, Pleasing, has had overwhelming success since the first launch of nail polishes in November of 2021! They have everything from crewneck sweatshirts to cruelty-free eyeshadows, so there’s something for everybody. Harry’s also such an incredible model! He models for and works with Gucci so often that his name is becoming synonymous with the brand. 💅🏼

If you couldn’t tell by this blog, we just adore Harry Styles and everything he does. He’s a genuine person who loves making music and performing! If you love Harry just as much as we do, let us know your favorite things about him on our Instagram or Twitter. Happy birthday Harry! 💜

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