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Fan Crew


With the Band provides a turnkey solution for artists to manage and monetize their fan bases through a FAN CREW™ - our modern day version of a fan club. 👯‍♀️ Through a FAN CREW™, an artist can interact with their fans via posts, private messaging, virtual meet & greets, live streams, and more. In addition, artists will have access to an analytic dashboard where they can see detailed information about their fan base. This is all at a zero start-up cost to the artist. 💰


We are providing entertainment for fans from their favorite artists and influencers through our web and app platform! View our current Fan Crews hereOur first Fan Crew was with Maggie Rose! Here you can see what a Fan Crew page looks like. Maggie and other artists can provide entertainment to their fans through our web and app Fan Crew platform. 

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