Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Written by, Tess Considine

LANY (stands for Los Angeles New York), is an indie, synth pop band consisting of Paul Jason Klein, Charlie Leslie “Les” Priest, and Jake Clifford Goss. They formed as a band in March 2014 and have gotten bigger and bigger ever since. Their songs resonate with nostalgia and the lyrics are very honest and vulnerable, and those are some of the reasons why Angey fell in love with their music.

Not only does Angey listen to LANY, but she also is a super fan who organized/made a fan project for LANY’s fifth anniversary as a band this year! The fan project is called “LANY5EVER”. She organized a fan EP for the group, where she had fans record their voices to the songs. She also made a fan book where fans wrote personalized messages to LANY. In total, 370 fans from 49 countries participated in the EP/fanbook!

Angey said LANY is so special to her because of how authentic and real they are in their lyrics (which are based on true stories). She only started listening to them recently, but now she's one of their biggest fans! “Yeah it was quite crazy! Actually only since February, my sister introduced me to them when we saw them live in Stockholm, and they made such a huge impression on me that lead to the project!”

You can check out Angey’s fan EP right here: http://lany5ever.com/EP

Also, you can click here to get more info on the fans meeting the band: http://lany5ever.com/CD

Thanks Angey for sharing your awesome LANY fan project with us!

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