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It's the 5SOS5 Celebration! 🎉

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

We are clearly in 5SOS mode here at With the Band and can you blame us? As you’ve probably heard, the band finally dropped their fifth album and fans are going nuts! The album debuted at number #2 on the Billboard charts and it’s already a hit. It was a huge week for the band and the 5SOS Fam! We’re continuing our 5SOS celebration and, in case you missed it, giving you the inside scoop on all things 5SOS5! 🥳

September 22nd

In an iconic one-night-only performance, 5 Seconds of Summer performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall debuting some of the songs from the album while also playing some deep cuts like, "Outer Space / Carry On", which fans hadn’t heard in a few years! Their amazing performance was also live-streamed for fans all across the world. It wasn’t just the boys on stage that night, a choir and a 12-piece orchestra backed them! The 5,000 fans who heard “She Looks So Perfect” and “Take My Hand” with a string arrangement got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime concert. It's so cool to see how far they have come, no one would have imagined that this is where 5SOS would take their music! 🎻

September 23rd

5SOS5 was officially released into the world for everyone to hear! With 14 songs on the standard version and 19 songs on the deluxe version, there is truly something for everyone on this album. The album is not only special because it's the band's fifth album but is also mostly produced by Michael Clifford and is the first album the band is releasing independently! We are so happy that Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael are in control of their music and get to make the music they want to make! 🥰

September 24th

The boys headed to Vegas to perform on the Daytime Stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and the fans loved it! While we wanted to hear songs off the new album, the band decided to open with “No Shame” and “Easier” and it was like we were back at the Take My Hand Tour earlier this year! It's heartwarming to see how the fans have grown with the guys and with this being their first album released independently, it feels like this is the most authentic version of 5SOS. 💎

September 26th

The “Bad Omens” official video surprise drops! The video features a couple surrounded by red flags as they race through their relationship. It’s bittersweet and has amazing visuals. This video showed fans that 5SOS5 is officially here and set the vibe for the album! 🚘

September 29th

Later in the week, 5SOS hit “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and performed “Bad Omens.” The band ended the show and NBC released some killer photos from the taping showing off our favorite Aussies! 🌙

September 30th

The band hit the “Today” show last Friday and performed “Youngblood”, “Me, Myself & I”, “COMPLETE MESS”, and “Bad Omens” live! Fans have been waiting for this since it was announced in July and if you look closely you might see another surprise, it’s us! During “COMPLETE MESS”, you can see all the signs that With the Band handed out to fans to show 5SOS how proud we are and how much we love them! 🌅

The album is out, we've been fed all the content and the 5SOS Fam is more proud than ever. All is right is 5 Seconds of Summer world. We’re going to keep celebrating and know you will too! 5SOS5 is streaming everywhere and is linked here. Also, be sure to check out our 5SOS quiz and song bracket for even more 5SOS content! 💙

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