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5 Sandwiches of Summer: A Culinary Ode to 5SOS! 🥪

Written by: Jadon King

Spring has absolutely flown by and summer is just around the corner! But of course, what we really mean by that is we’re getting closer and closer to two things. 1.) Picnics on the beach and 2.) Luke Hemming’s next album, boy! The 5SOS member dropped “Shakes” and “Close My Eyes” ahead of the April 26 release date and we. are. obsessed. But while you wait for the new album, while you make beach plans that may or may not make it out of the group chat, what are you going to listen to? And more what do you need to pack for that picnic?? Fortunately, we’re here to solve both of these needs with one epic list. We now present to you… FIVE SANDWICHES OF SUMMER!! Each sandwich on this list is succulent, downright delicious, and incredibly easy to make; plus, each one is paired with a classic 5SOS song to fill that nostalgia void all stans have deep down in their hearts. So let's start with a classic! 😍

“She Looks So Perfect” — Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

You legitimately can’t go wrong with a bacon, egg, and cheese! “She Looks So Perfect” is an iconic 5SOS song that’s fun to sing along to, a true fan favorite you can’t say no to, and we think the bacon, egg, and cheese has the same energy. It’s as American as the underwear in the song and hey, let’s be honest. If someone says no to a bacon, egg, and cheese, is that someone you want to be friends with? 🤔

Ingredients: Everything bagel (or your choice), bacon, eggs, American cheese,

mayo, hot sauce.

Food for Thought: Add avocado and swap the American cheese for pepper jack!

“Talk Fast” — Apple Turkey Club

This isn’t your grandma’s turkey club, we can promise you that! Inspired by the light bounce of guitars and popping snare on “Talk Fast”, this sandwich is a breeze to make, as light as it is tasty. What we love about this sandwich is how easy it is to eat, the turkey and apples bursting with fresh summer flavor that’s sure to satisfy. 🤤

Ingredients: Bread of your choice, sliced turkey breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, sliced Granny Smith Apples, lettuce, strawberry jam, mayo.

Food for Thought: Pair with cherry pie to stay true to the lyrics! 

For this sandwich, we wanted to honor the song’s location while picking something delicious to cure a heartbreak. In Japan, fried foods are commonly made with panko breadcrumbs and we think that this juicy, crunchy fried chicken sandwich is the food your soul needs to move on from feeling so low and lonely.  ❤️‍🩹

Ingredients: Panko breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, chicken breasts (boned, skinned), salt, black pepper, an egg, flour, a cucumber, tomatoes, butter, bread, lettuce.

Food for Thought: Don’t want to deep fry your chicken? Try baking it or using an air fryer instead!

“Meet You There” is bold, with heavy guitars and a driving rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance; as a result, the only thing this song could ever be is a pulled pork sandwich. The tanginess of the pork combined with spicy coleslaw is a party in your mouth. It’s a sandwich that grabs your attention from the first bite, much like the song’s unique, crunchy bass line that opens the song. 🔥

Ingredients: Sandwich: (Pork butt, a sweet onion, salt and pepper, BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, tomato paste, chicken broth, lime, hamburger buns) Coleslaw: (sour cream, mayo, lime, hot sauce, a package of coleslaw mix, salt and pepper)

Food for Thought: Gluten-free? Throw the pork and slaw on top of rice for a BBQ bowl!

Now here’s a sandwich that colors outside of the lines! It’s chewy, it’s crunchy, and it’ll cool you down on those hot summer days we so desire. Now, if you’re struggling with the slow disintegration of your relationship (like Luke is in the song), these aren’t necessarily going to fix all of your problems, but let’s be honest here: ice cream heals all that time doesn’t. 🤝

Ingredients: Cookie: (oil, sugar, brown sugar, eggs baking soda, sea salt, vanilla extract, corn starch, flour, caramel chips, corn flakes), vanilla ice cream.

Food for Thought: Swap vanilla ice cream for coffee to make it a Crunchy Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Sandwich!

And that’s the list! We hope you try at least one of these sandwiches over the summer to celebrate one of the greatest bands ever! Food and music both can bring people together, so why not combine the two? Get some friends together, throw on some 5SOS tunes, and make sandwiches together! With the Band will be making the Crunchy Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of Luke’s new album next week, and hope that boy will give us some more culinary inspiration. Which do you plan on trying? Was there a song-sandwich combo you think is obvious that we missed? Let us know by following us on X, TikTok, and Instagram! 💜

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