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Tenille Townes' Fan Club is now Live on With the Band! 🍋

Updated: Feb 29

Written by: Jadon King

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce the newest member of the With the Band family: Tenille Townes! We’re thrilled to announce that Tenille has launched her fan club on With the Band’s Fan Crew platform to further connect with her biggest supporters and share her art and life in exciting new ways! 🤩

Tenille lets the music take her where it may — and it’s taken her far. The Canadian singer-songwriter began her career with a bang, receiving a nomination in 2011 for Female Artist of the Year from the Canadian Country Music Awards at age seventeen. After further years of continuing to explore and hone her gift of songwriting, she enjoyed award-winning success with her Columbia Nashville/RCA Records debut The Lemonade Stand in 2020. The album was a milestone for Townes and led to a steady release of new music in the following years, including a new album, a Christmas EP, several singles, and her most recent release, the Train Track Worktapes. Tenille fans are currently looking forward to her upcoming release on February 23, a single called "As You Are" that you can pre-save here! 🛤️

Tenille’s work following The Lemonade Stand was a change of pace for the artist. While she made a name for herself writing as an observer of the human condition, Tenille says that the music has been leading her in a different direction. “This new season of music feels like it’s coming from a more personal place. I love thinking about how the music knows where it’s taking me.” She said. “I trust it. Even in this new, more vulnerable place.” Now, is Tenille ready to continue sharing her art and life with fans through a brand-new fan club! "I've got much in store for us [the Fan Crew] when it comes to lots more new music and shows coming up!" Tenille said. "And you guys [fans] showing up and being here is what makes that possible. It puts fuel, literally, in the tank of our van that carries us down the road." Tenille makes her Fan Crew highly accessible so as many fans as possible can, with three tiers to choose from: bronze, silver, and gold. ✨

The bronze tier of Tenille’s Fan Crew, at just $5 a month, is well worth the investment. First and foremost, you receive access to a vibrant fan community of people who’ll get to create, comment, and connect with others who love the music just as much as they do. After all, Tenille created her Fan Crew for her amazing followers. "I love the community that we are, gathering around this music." She said. "I wanted us to have a place to be able to hang out, get to know each other a little bit more, and be who we are and feel accepted and loved and welcomed for that." Bronze tier members will also enjoy getting to know Tenille better through access to the journal entries and exclusive content she’ll be posting. On top of that, fans get a special 20% off all merch, plus presale access to Tenille’s shows when available. Fans will also be the first to hear brand-new music and demos! 💿

If you want more out of your Fan Crew experience, then the silver tier may be for you! For $25 a month, members will receive a personalized welcome video when they sign up. After three months, you’ll get your name written on the wall of Tenille’s touring trailer and after six months members will receive a signed postcard from Tenille! She’s also excited to offer members first-access tickets to exclusive fan parties, which are some of her favorite shows to perform at. Can’t make it to the show? No worries! You’ll have access to exclusive livestream parties; they’re like your own private concert! And if you’ve ever wanted to learn one of your favorite Tenille Townes songs, silver tier members also receive downloadable, handwritten lyrics sheets with chord progressions for select songs! Oh, and did we mention you can enter a monthly merch giveaway? 😉

The gold tier is the final option for Tenille’s Fan Crew. At $100 a month, fans get access to Tenille and her music like no one else! Joining means Tenille will follow you on Instagram and give you a shoutout on her story. Each month, you’ll get a personalized video from Tenille, whether it's for your birthday, an anniversary, or just a message of encouragement! Long-term gold tier members will get a handwritten lyric sheet of their song of choice at three months and at six months get an autographed physical copy of an annual yearbook full of behind-the-scenes photos! Last, but certainly not least, fans enjoy free entry to all of Tenille’s fan parties! 🥳

And while we’re absolutely obsessed with the exclusive content from Tenille, what she wants to accomplish more than anything through her Fan Crew is to create community. After each of her shows, Tenille heads to the merch table to connect with fans; she considers these conversations sacred as fans open up about how they see themselves in her music. The benefits of joining Tenille’s Fan Crew extend far beyond getting pre-sale tickets or a great deal on merch; members get to connect with fellow fans and Tenille like never before! She can’t wait to meet you all, so click here to join! 💜

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