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Maggie Rose's Latest Album Lives and Breathes 🌹

Written by: Jadon King

Nashville, in case you haven’t heard, is known for music; country music, sure, but beyond the genres and labels is a sea of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters. It’s a city full of exceptional talent where you need skill, grit, and authenticity just to make it. But Maggie Rose has done much more than simply “make it” — she’s thrived. Rolling Stone dubbed her a “star” and NPR Music proclaimed her a “multi-genre powerhouse”, critics all agreeing that Maggie has a magic touch when channeling her influences. Combined with her compelling songwriting abilities, Maggie gained the respect of the city’s music professionals and was recently elected Governor of the Recording Academy’s Nashville Chapter. She's also the first artist to start a With The Band Fan Crew! Independent record label Big Loud couldn’t help but notice. The company’s dedication to signing artists of alternative genres aligned perfectly with Maggie’s vision for her most recent album, No One Gets Out Alive. The album came out last Friday, April 5th, and is a vibrant display of Maggie’s talents! Read on to hear more about Maggie’s evolution as an artist and the album’s release! 🌹

Maggie isn’t your typical, everyday singer-songwriter, but Big Loud isn’t your typical label either. “Big Loud dove in headfirst and defied my preconceived notions of what I’d come to expect from a big label,” Maggie explained. “They didn’t want me to change the music I was working on or ‘chase’ the trends. They understood the vision and believed in me from the outset.” As fans of music, nothing makes us happier than an artist being encouraged to chase after their interests! In a time where songs are designed to be catalysts for social media trends, Big Loud is doing all of us a service by providing Maggie with the space not to make songs, but to tell stories! 🤝

If Maggie is anything, she's a storyteller. No One Gets Out Alive focuses on the ups and downs of everyday life. The album is consistent emotionally and tonally, but each individual song is a world of its own; love, heartbreak, hope, disillusionment, wonder. Just when you think she can’t get any more relatable, she does. Maggie’s outlook on life, however, is ultimately hopeful. “[The album's title] is a little ominous sounding, but it’s about swinging for the fences and using the finite time we have while we’ve got it.” She explained while performing live on the Today Show. “How about hearing Rolling Stone say that stuff? That must just be so… surreal.” Hoda Kobt remarked. Maggie smiled and bobbed her head in agreement. “That’s the word, totally surreal… it’s a good time to be alive.” 💖

And you can tell Maggie is loving every minute of this album’s release! In addition to singing the album’s titular song on the Today Show, Maggie celebrated with her closest fans by giving them early access to the “Fake Flowers” music video through her With the Band Fan Crew! Additionally, fans got early access to Maggie’s live performances of "Under the Sun", "No One Gets Out Alive", and "Fake Flowers", recorded in The Caves of Pelham, Tennessee! But that’s not all; every member of Maggie’s fan crew was automatically entered into a ticket raffle to see Maggie perform live alongside a stacked lineup at the Grand Ole Opry on April 16th. Maggie’s Fan Crew also got a packet of flower seeds in the mail to plant as spring rolls in, which we think is just the sweetest thing! The day after the release, Nashville staple Grimey’s Records hosted Maggie for a packed live performance and signing. Maggie also hosted a virtual listening party for her Fan Crew, taking live calls and answering questions! Her passion for promoting the album is a clear indicator of how much she’s invested in the creation process; all who listen will understand why Maggie thinks this album is so special! 😄

No One Gets Out Alive is worth every ounce of attention it gets; it’s a truly unique album. Maggie’s voice has a soulful quality especially evident on the opening track but weaves its way throughout the album and moves the listener from song to song, guiding them through the album. The production of the album, handled by industry veteran Ben Tanner, is masterful, following Maggie’s lead as she tells her story. Maggie’s eclectic mix of influences pop up everywhere; “No One Gets Out Alive” has soul, “Underestimate Me” is funky as can be, and “Lonely War” rides the line between country and gospel, with a classical string section bringing the song to a close with grace. With Maggie’s conviction and authenticity holding everything together, the album floats from story to story, experience to experience, and we couldn’t love the effect more. It’s an album with a delightful surprise around each corner. Who doesn’t love surprises? 🥳

Maggie is boldly forging ahead, making her own path through the jungle of Nashville’s music scene, and with her tour starting next week, it’s clear that her journey is far from over. Maggie plans on enjoying the tour and sharing the new album with fans across the world! Here at With the Band, we’re celebrating with Maggie every step of the way. She’s immensely talented, on top of being a wonderful person to work with! You can listen to the album here and, if you want exclusive access to Maggie's world, check out her Fan Crew! For more music and stan content, follow us on X, Instagram, and TikTok! 💜

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