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Fandom Aesthetics: The Superfan’s Guide to Decorating with Passion and Style 🏠

Written by: Jadon King

The first day of spring has come and gone, but the opportunity for some Spring Cleaning isn’t past us yet! Maybe you (like some of us here at With the Band) don’t know where to start, because as you look around your room, you can’t help but wonder 1) how things got so dusty and 2) what you could do to liven things up a little. That’s why today, we’re going to be covering the best ways to decorate your room as a music lover! Your space is a reflection of yourself and if you love music as much as we do, you want people to know how much you love it! But besides tour posters, what can you do? It can be hard to be subtle sometimes, and your room can end up feeling like a shrine. (Not that a shrine is a bad thing, admittedly we do have one for Harry in our snack closet.) Anyways… today we’re going to look at some of the ways you can find and create unique decor pieces that stand out as pieces of fandom that fellow stans will recognize and adore! 🥰

Swifties have an abundance of inspiration, thanks to Taylor’s attention to detail in her songwriting, as well as her distinct eras. Fans of Reputation could exploit the snake motif used to promote the album with a snake poster or a King of Hearts poster for a double reference to “King of My Heart” and “End Game”. An accent wall plastered with newspaper wallpaper is a showstopper and visually engaging reference to the album; if the wallpaper is too much, frame a Taylor Swift newspaper or magazine cover! If you prefer Folklore, #cottagecore might be what you’re looking for! For those unfamiliar, cottagecore is a style of decor centered around soft color palettes and an emphasis on nature. We’re obsessed with these framed pressed flowers, which would be super easy to replicate and you could use any of your favorite lyrics! Sunlight is also a key aspect of cottagecore and a well-placed mirror is a great way of helping reflect and spread light around your space. These disco ball planters (as well as these melting ones!) would make great accents to lighten up the room! Plus, they’re a fun reference to “mirrorball” only true Swifties would understand. If you don’t want to pick a specific era, we’re a big fan of this poster set where you can pick which songs you want to display. And, if all else fails, there’s always the Cornelia Street sign! 🐍

We can't talk decor without talking about Harry Styles. For Harries looking for a more subtle way to express their love, you can always go with the iconic "Treat People With Kindness" slogan. This TPWK banner or smiley TPWK pillow are both great ways to decorate your space while always spreading a great message! If you’re looking to reference a specific song, Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” would certainly do the job for “Sunflower Vol. 6,” as would this fruit market poster for “Cherry”, “Kiwi”, “Grapejuice”, or “Watermelon Sugar” (or any of his fruit-oriented lyrics!) and sushi menu for “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”! Harry’s House was inspired by Haruomi Hosono’s 1973 album Hosono House, so draw inspiration from Japanese decor! Fans of the “Clean Girl” aesthetic could look at the rich history of Japanese minimalism to simplify and streamline their space; if you’ve got a bigger room, a folding screen is a fantastic way to block off a portion of your room to be a private area. Harry’s tattoos are another opportunity for inspiration! For the artistically inclined, drawing a Harry Styles flash sheet highlights his taste in art and only true Harries will recognize the tattoos! 🕺

For lovers of 5 Seconds of Summer, the band’s bold sound and fun song titles are inspirations for unique, offbeat pieces nobody else will have! We think that a vintage dentistry poster would make a great “Teeth” reference or this Joshua Tree statue is a subtle hint to 5SOS5. Lyric posters are another favorite, and we can’t get enough of this “Best Friends” one, as well as this “Best Friends” inspired picture frame. For a reference to their giant blowup dice seen on the stage in their most recent tour, check out these super cute dice pillows! We also found this Saint Luke Hemmings candle that has us cackling. 🎲

If you’re a Livie looking to redecorate, now’s the time to go all out with purple! This purple comforter set screams comfort and makes for a nice big chunk of color to center the rest of your room around. Olivia Rodrigo also sells an “Obsessed” heart-shaped picture frame that’s perfect for holding a photo of your significant other or whatever else you’re obsessed with. Referencing butterflies is another great Olivia reference; you can buy real pinned butterflies online! There’s also a lot of lips in Olivia’s art direction and these wall decals would make for a cute patterned accent wall! 💜

With Beyoncé’s upcoming country album slated for release in just two days, we have to talk about some ways to get your room ready! We love the classic Americana vibes and Etsy has tons of old school cowgirl posters that definitely have the energy we’re looking for in a room. If you want your guests to know you’re a country fan before they even walk in the door, tons of great doormats will ensure people wipe their boots before they enter. Our previous disco ball finds also apply as a reference to the upcoming album, as does this silver cowboy hat! 🤠

There are lots of other general music decor items that make it easy to highlight your love for your favorite artist! Similar to the idea of the pressed and framed flowers for a Taylor Swift decoration, a shadow box is an easy and customizable way to show off your dedication to an artist! You can put anything in a shadow box: concert tickets, festival wristbands, small pieces of merch, Polaroid photos, an autograph, a CD, anything! We like shadow boxes because it’s an opportunity to display smaller items that you’re proud to collect but might be collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. You can even paint it or add stickers to make it your own! We also have a tutorial on how to make your own commemorative concert ticket! If you take home confetti from your concerts, a great way to use it is to put it around the edges of any concert posters you have to add a unique touch to the poster! 🤩

If you have a record collection, show them off! There are tons of ways to store and display records that highlight your personal taste in design; from storage crates to wall mounts and funkier displays, if you spent the extra money on a collector’s edition or limited run vinyl, you can definitely find a way to show it off! Upcycling old vinyls is an opportunity to reduce waste and make for great accent pieces. Using a microwave, you can turn an old vinyl into everything from bookends to a funky little bowl to put your keys in; go wild! For another bold piece of decor, you can get custom wall letter decals to spell out your favorite lyrics. 🎼

As you can see, there are nearly infinite ways to show off your love of fandom in ways that will leave your Pinterest followers jealous! Music is for everyone and so is decor, so let your passion for one influence the other! While it’s easy to get caught up in the latest aesthetic trends on social media, think about what you really want for your room; make a vision board, look at color palettes, and steal ideas you see online! You’re not the first person who’s wanted a subtler fandom-themed room, so you can find items you’ll love on Etsy to fill. Seriously, Etsy is a fan’s best friend. But what’s the piece of decor you’ve got that every other stan should? If you’ve got something cool, show it off by posting it and tagging us on X, Instagram, or TikTok! 🛏️

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