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Behind the Fan: @5sos_chile ✨

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Kylie Connet

This week, we’re back with another Behind the Fan interview! We got the chance to talk with the wonderful people who run @5sos_chile and hear all about their experiences running an amazing fan account! The 7 people who run the account (Nach, Cata, Dora, Jaz, Val, Jo, and Mora) are all from Chile and between the ages of 18 and 24. They told us so many interesting things about how they remained active during the height of Covid-19, their times seeing 5sos live, and their favorite parts of running a fan account. ❣️

Firstly, we spoke with Nach who helps run the account to hear about how her journey with 5sos began. She told us that most of the account owners have been fans since the early years of the band but she, in particular, got involved with them through Luke Hemmings’ cover of “Just The Way You Are” on a Bruno Mars Facebook page and fell in love with his voice. She subscribed to Luke’s youtube channel, Hemmo1996, and was instantly a fan when the rest of the boys came around. She was 11 years old at that point and has grown up with them over the years. “As cliché as it sounds I honestly can’t imagine a life without 5sos in it.” We definitely know that feeling! 🥹

Secondly, we talked with Cata about what 5sos songs mean the most to her. The best part about 5sos’ music is that it is so relatable to so many people in all stages of life due to how long they have been a band and how they have grown. For Cata, “Disconnected” is the most meaningful. “Just the phrase 'I like the summer rain', makes it my favorite song, because those rainy days are the ones when I feel happier.” As far as favorite videos of 5sos, we got a great answer from Dora! She told us that her favorite 5sos video is the “Wildflower” music video. The video was shot during the initial Covid-19 pandemic lockdown so each of the boys recorded clips in their own homes with a green screen and it was all edited together. Dora praised Andy DeLuca and Sarah Eiseman for their excellent editing job and we couldn’t agree more. 🌼

As far as their favorite 5sos memory, all of our fans told us that while they have multiple favorite moments, their absolute best memory was the listening party they hosted when Luke released his debut solo album. Luke actually ended up joining the listening party and they got to talk with him about the album and even taught him some Spanish. “He was so sweet to us and it definitely was one of the best days of our lives.” They also shared that Ashton often likes their Instagram posts. We love seeing the boys interact with their fans so much and hope someday these superfans get to meet all of them. 🤩

Seeing your favorite artist live is so much fun and luckily Jaz got to see 5sos in September of 2017. She told us that the way the boys interacted with the fans throughout the show was so special and made it such an enjoyable show. She said that she and her fellow account owners even organized a fan project and that it went off without a hitch! She praised their improvisation skills with their talking points and instruments. While this sounds like an amazing concert, we still had to ask what their dream 5sos concert would be. Val told us that if she could plan the show she would have each of the boys perform one of their solo songs. “It would be a unique and special opportunity for them to present their works.” As far as a setlist, Val said that she would definitely include “Outer Space”, “Castaway”, and “If Walls Could Talk.” All the account owners said that they would love to see the guitar battles that the guys did in the past make a return. 🎸

Next, we asked what the best part about running their fan account is and Jo answered so perfectly! “What we enjoy the most about having a fan account is being able to interact with more fans from our country and around the world.” She shared that before the Covid-19 pandemic, they hosted in person meetups which included music, games, and giveaways. Over the past few years they have adapted and continued to host those same events virtually. She said that seeing the excitement of fans during these moments is the best and she loves sharing her passion for the band with them. 🥰

Finally, we asked all of the account owners if they could send 5sos a message, what would it be? “Well, to start, obviously we would like them to add more dates to their tour and come to Chile to fulfill the 50 times they would return (cough cough Ashton this is for you) since the Chilean 5SOS Fam has continued to grow since the last time they came. Also, as fans, we hope the boys take care of themselves while they are on tour, have moments of rest, to enjoy time with their loved ones and also with fans. We would like to tell them that we are so excited for the new album, we are counting the days waiting for it to come out so we can enjoy their new music. We are so proud of them because we've seen all the growth they have had both personally and musically, so we are happy to continue supporting them in their projects as a band and solo projects. We love them more than anything and we are going to always be there for them.” We can’t wait for 5sos to go back to Chile and give these amazing fans the opportunity to see them again. 🤗

We loved hearing from @5sos_chile about everything they do and are so excited to see what the future holds for their account! For more Behind the Fan interviews, follow our Instagram to be updated when we post them. 💜

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