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Behind the Fan: @luvvdlipa 🦋

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Kylie Connet

For our Behind the Fan post this time, we got to interview Vic, a Dua Lipa superfan from Russia who runs @luvvdlipa! We’re so excited to share Vic's fan journey with you; from how she became a fan of Dua to her live performances and more. Keep reading to find out what we learned. ✨

Vic says that her Dua Lipa fan origin story is pretty typical, as she found out about the singer through the viral song “New Rules.” In 2017, after hearing it over and over again, she decided to look into what other music Dua had put out. She took the time to listen to songs like “Be The One” and “Blow Your Mind” and “...realized that this is what [she] needed to have in [her] playlist.” Vic recognized that Dua had a special something that differentiated her from other pop stars and was invested from that moment on. 🤩

Every music lover dreads being asked about their favorite songs because it is so hard to choose from all the bops that we love! Vic answered our question despite this difficulty and said that if she had to choose one it would be “Cool.” During her studies, she listened to Future Nostalgia a lot, and “Cool” was one of the songs that stuck out during this period of hard work. We bet Dua would be so proud to hear that her songs soundtracked Vic's studies! 🥹

While it is hard to choose a favorite song, choosing a favorite video is sometimes even more challenging but Vic was ready to answer without hesitation! She says that she’s not particularly partial to watching music videos and actually prefers watching live performances, “I’m obsessed with Dua’s BRIT [Awards performance] from 2021." Vic said that from the moment she started watching the show, she knew it would be fantastic and all of her expectations were easily met. Dua delivered an incredible show and so did her crew. “I also would like to highlight her dancers and back vocalists, they definitely are professionals." Recognizing the hard work of the entire stage team is so important and we are positive they would love that compliment. 🫶

In 2018, Vic got the opportunity to see Dua’s concert in person. She says she remembers it like it was yesterday and wishes she could have it all on repeat forever! We asked Vic what her perfect Dua Lipa show would consist of and she had some great ideas. While she says she is happy with the Future Nostalgia Tour setlist and wouldn’t take anything away, she would love to hear “That Kind Of Woman” (which she says is super underrated), “IDGAF,” and “Prisoner” with Miley Cyrus. Vic would also love to see Tove Lo perform as Dua's opener or with Dua again. 🪩

Running a fan account can create so many special feelings and memories, so we asked Vic about her favorite parts. She said that she really just loves the whole process and being able to share media and news with so many people is so great. She wants to share all this content to let people enjoy Dua’s music as much as she does! She has met so many people from all over the world and the support she receives from them has been incredible. “I actually don't know how to thank them enough,” said Vic about her supportive friends and followers. 🥰

Lastly, we asked Vic what she would say to Dua if she could send her a message and this is what she told us, “I would say a huge thank you. Thank you for your music. Thank you for everything you do for your fans. Thank you for all the concerts and emotions presented. You deserve the world. Your fans love you so so much and are ready to support you at any time, in any situation. Thank you for being here! I wish I could tell you all this face to face.” We can’t wait for the day Dua gets to hear all of this in person. 💓

Make sure to follow Vic for all your Dua Lipa updates and media, @luvvdlipa! Let us know what YOUR favorite Dua songs are and what you love about her on our Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next post in our Behind the Fan series. 💜

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