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Our Favorite Albums of 2022 (So Far) 💿

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Kylie Connet

Now that we are officially over halfway through 2022, it’s time to go over our favorite albums of the year so far! There has been such a variety of music released so it’s hard to pick our favorites but we narrowed it down to 15 that we love. From live albums to debut albums we’ve got our top picks here for you. ✨

Dawn FM

  • Artist: The Weeknd

  • Released: January 6, 2022

  • Genre: Pop, R&B

  • Singles: "Take My Breath", "Sacrifice", "Out of Time"

  • The Weeknd is currently the #2 most listened to artist on Spotify and has been hugely popular since his album Trilogy in 2012. With each album, he delivers a unique experience and aesthetic in his music videos and lyrics and definitely did not disappoint with Dawn FM.

CRASH (Deluxe)