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Behind the Fan: @billlieupdates 🤍

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by Kylie Connet

For our first Behind the Fan post of July, we got that chance to interview @billlieupdates! They have over 20k followers and keep us up to date on all things Billie Eilish. We spoke to M, a 19-year-old who lives in Germany and manages the account alongside a few others. We even got a few quotes from one of the other owners, J. Keep reading to find out what it takes to run a major update account and how much fun it is! 🎉

M says that she first became a fan of Billie around 2018 but wasn’t really a stan until her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, was released in 2019. After that album was released, M was all in stating that “what's so special about [Billie] is that she's one of the few celebrities that remains authentic in who she truly is and wants.” Billie’s authenticity was so appealing to our superfan because of how she gets to see Billie in such a different light than other artists who may focus more on a fabricated persona. 🤍

Billie is such a talented songwriter, and our interviewee agrees. M said that currently, the song that means the most to her is “Getting Older.” She said that the song reflects the point in her life that she is at right now and thinks it was such an excellent way for Billie to open her latest album, Happier Than Ever. In addition to her favorite song, M also told her that her favorite video of Billie is her Vanity Fair annual series where she answers the same questions each year, and they are all compared! We love this video series because all get to take a front-row seat in watching how Billie has grown and evolved over the years. One of the account’s other owners, J, told us that those Vanity Fair videos are also her favorites! 📹

We asked M what her favorite fan memory was, and she shared that Billie actually reposted one of their posts from Billie’s first Met Gala! Occasionally Billie also likes their posts, and we know just how exciting it is when your fav interacts with your account. Both M and J say those interactions with Billie motivate them to post even more. J’s favorite Billie memory was when her AppleTV documentary came out in 2021. “It was interesting to watch and get a peek into what her life was like beyond music/tour,” says J. 🥰

Seeing your favorite artist live is always so exciting, and luckily J got the chance to see Billie two years ago after the release of her first album. She shared that the way Billie interacts with the crowd is one of her favorite parts of the shows. The fact that it is only her on the stage (aside from Finneas and Andrew) makes the show so intimate. J will be seeing her again in September for the Happier Than Ever tour. M got to see Billie live for the first time on June 30th, 2022 in Berlin, Germany! We just know it was a fantastic time! 🎶

M had some incredible ideas for her ideal Billie Eilish concert, openers, and set list included! Some people she would love to see as openers are Tate Mcrae or Lexi Jayde. She would also love to see Billie do something with Justin Bieber since Billie has always talked about being a big fan. Some songs M would definitely want to see would be “NDA,” since that’s been her favorite song of the tour, or “Lost Cause,” “i love you,” and “when the party’s over.” We’d for sure love to be at that show! 🤩

One of M’s favorite parts of running a fan account is getting to share exciting content for other fans to see! M still gets just as excited as any other stan about new content. She says that posting for thousands of people every day is such a pleasure and that she loves being part of the fandom. We are super grateful for the content and updates our favorite fan accounts provide for all of us daily! ✨

To conclude our interview, we asked M what message she would send Billie if she could, and she had the sweetest things to say. “If I could send Billie a message, I’d just say thank you. Thank you for making me the person I am today and for being there for us. You deserve the world, and I hope you’re taking care of yourself throughout tour. We all love you, and I hope I get to tell you all this in person one day!” We know Billie would love reading this and can’t wait for the moment she gets to hear it in person. 🤗

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