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Lizzo's Recipe Roundup 🍳

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Lizzo is a woman of many talents. She is a powerful singer, a classically trained flutist, and a chef! Over the past few years, she has been very active on TikTok and took to posting her cooking videos on the app. All of her recipes are plant-based and look so delicious but her hilarious voiceovers might be the best part. We compiled a few of Lizzo’s mouthwatering recipes for you to try out yourself! 😋

Starting out, we have a green pasta that Lizzo made by blending some greens and garlic to make a sauce. She says though she’s not a fan of pesto, she loves the colorful aesthetic of the sauce so she tried to make something similar. 💚

Next up is a tasty-looking soup that is also packed with tons of veggies. Lizzo made it while she was sick because everyone knows that soup cures everything! 🥣

As a relatively new vegan eater, Lizzo says in this video that it has been easy except when she’s craving cheesy eggs. In this recipe, she uses JUST Eggs for her scramble in addition to some black beans, corn, and spinach. She finishes it off by melting some vegan pepper jack on top and cooking some vegan bacon for the side. 🧀

Follow along with her in this TikTok as Lizzo makes “chicken” alfredo pasta from scratch. She uses tofu and cashews to make the creamy sauce and adds some broccoli with the noodles. With some plant-based chicken to complete the recipe, she finishes off the video by telling us how good it all tastes. 🍝

For a different take on a classic, Lizzo turned the typical bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich into a salad. She crisped up some vegan bacon, chopped up tomatoes, and threw it all together with a couple of other ingredients. So yummy! 🥗

For this recipe, she used some super fun flavors! We never thought about putting fruit into enchiladas but Lizzo’s addition of jackfruit seems so perfect. 🌮

Using the vegan JUST Eggs again, Lizzo made a breakfast sandwich this time! She fried some bacon, made some cauliflower hashbrowns, and added it all on top of a bagel with some avocado. It’s such a great plant-based twist on a classic breakfast. 🥯

This simple recipe only calls for a few ingredients and is easy to make in a rush. Lizzo uses a premade pizza crust and just adds all the cheese and toppings she wants before putting it in the oven. 🍕

We had so much fun looking through all of Lizzo’s fun recipes and can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future. Her easy inclusion of plant-based ingredients gives us some great ideas on how we can become more plant-based and sustainable ourselves. Head over to her TikTok to stay up to date with what she cooks up next! 🤩

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