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Five Books Dua Lipa Recommends 📚

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Dua Lipa’s Instagram feed is full of pictures of her travels and concerts but hidden inside her photo dumps is a library full of books. The singer is an avid reader and her taste ranges from essays to romances. Read more to see what Dua recommends! 🦋

The first story we have here is “a brilliant coming of age book” as described by Dua herself. She said that “it is so honest and raw” and she loves it. The author tells the story of a woman named Queenie navigating life as a black woman and her own unique experience. It discusses self-worth, relationships, and tough decision-making that are all a part of adult life. An early release of the book was even sent to Dua because the characters mention one of her songs. Pick it up to find out which song! 🧐

Warning: this book is for mature audiences only! The scandalous story in this book is written in such a lovely way that it draws in the reader so easily. The author writes about a young woman in her early twenties who is having a secret affair with a middle-aged married man. It talks a lot about how people often say one thing when they really want another and describes how that impacts us as humans. With rich characters and beautiful words, it's easy to see why Dua likes this book so much. 🤩

This noteworthy book is actually a collection of essays about a variety of topics. The topics range from analyses of internet culture to discussions of performative activism. The book contains a lot of topics that are relevant to us all as people living in the twenty-first century but that we often ignore for the sake of simplicity. This book also happens to be one that Lorde recommends! 🪞

Here we learn about the idea of racial passing: the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of an identity group or category that is often different from their own. In this book, we read the tale of two black sisters where one passes as a white woman while the other lives as a black woman. The story contains lots of representation and is a great look at how racial bias can affect people. Not only do we see the sisters’ lives, but we also delve into the lives of their families to see the impact on them. This book is actually inspired by another story: Passing by Nella Larsen. This shows that even our favorite authors have people they look to for inspiration just like we look to our favorite artists. 💭

This is one of the longest books on Dua’s list and every single page is worth the read. It begins by building up a group of friends in university and then tells us how their lives go on. Without giving too much away, there are some pretty sad parts and it’s definitely an emotional read. Please make sure you check the trigger warnings before reading! Overall, it’s a great book that Dua says is her favorite of all time. 💜

Dua's reading list demonstrates that she is full of surprises even past her musical ability. It is amazing to see all the diversity in topics and authors on her list. We can't wait to read through these recommendations and whatever else she shares with us in the future! ✨

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