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Behind the Fan: @adele__daydreamer

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written By: Kylie Connet

This week on Behind The Fan, we were lucky enough to talk to Amir who runs the Instagram account @adele_daydreamer! The 25-year-old from Iran is a huge Adele fan and we had so much fun getting to hear about his love for the singer. Join us as we unpack and share all the wonderful things Amir had to share with us. 🎉

The superfan’s interest in the British artist first began 7 years ago when her “strong vocals” drew him in. We know the feeling! Adele is one of this decade's greatest vocalists and her fandom is just as great. Their unwavering support over the years has been so good to see, even through her hiatus. We asked Amir which Adele song means the most to him and he confidently told us that “Someone Like You” “means the world" to him. He said that it was the very first song of hers that he listened to and after listening to it over and over again he felt so connected to the message. He then listened to the rest of the album and fell even more in love! He also told us that his favorite video of Adele is her taping of a concert at The Royal Albert Hall and then in second place is the “Hello” music video. 🤩

While Amir hasn’t had the chance to see Adele live yet, he has high hopes and has dreamed of his perfect setlist. He would want her to open up with “Hello” for an impressive start and move into “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep” to deliver her signature strong vocals. From there Amir said he would love to hear “Hold On,” “Easy On Me,” “River Lea,” and “Hometown Glory.” He would close out the show with a performance of “Set Fire To The Rain.” We know we’d buy tickets to that concert! 🎫✨

Amir has had such a fun time running a fan account for Adele and told us that his favorite part of it is sharing her on social media to “let other people enjoy listening to her and her music.” He hopes that one day all of the fans he's shared Adele's music with will get the chance to meet or see her! Amir loves getting to talk to mutual fans from all around the world and other cultures to learn about their different points of view. He thanks Adele for giving him this opportunity. Amir shared with us that listening to the singer even helped him learn a bit of English by memorizing and singing her songs! 🥹

We wrapped up our interview by asking Amir what he would say to Adele if he could and his message was so sweet! “Hello, my dear Adele. I wish you a happy lifetime, and I really hope I can see you one day and have a little chat with you and hug you to tell you how much I adore you. I can't wait for the new album and new memories for me. Couldn't be more proud to be your fan, you made my life ten times better.” We can’t wait for the day Amir finally tells her this in person! 💜

Getting to hear how much Adele and running a fan account has impacted Amir was so touching. When you love an artist that much, being dedicated is easy and Amir is a perfect example of that. We love how supportive and positive he is! Follow our interviewee on Instagram for all things Adele and be on the lookout for our next Behind the Fan post. 🤗

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