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Behind the Fan: @bts.philic 💜

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann


Undeniably one of the most popular bands in the world, South Korean group BTS has taken the world by storm through their authentic music! From the way they interact with fans to the positive messages they share, how can you not love them?! Made up of seven members, RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook, all the guys have captured the hearts of millions globally. A fan account dedicated to sharing her love for BTS is @bts.philic, a.k.a Noor! Noor is a 16 year old from Pakistan, and we are so excited to hear how she got started and what it takes to run a fan account! 🤩

When asking about how Noor found out about BTS, she explained that it was actually because of their concert in 2019. BTS was performing in Saudi Arabia and Noor recalls how it seemed like the entire world was going crazy for them. At that time, Noor described how she was curious about why people were such intense fanatics for BTS, so she searched them on YouTube and found their song “Boy With Luv (featuring Halsey)”. Noor illustrates, “It was the most colorful, cheery, and funky song I have ever heard in my entire life!” To her, “Boy With Luv” is about finding joy and love out of the little things in life! 🤗

From there, this is how Noor started listening to more songs and watching more videos of BTS! “They make me so happy,” Noor explains, which is something we definitely agree with; you just can’t help but smile when listening to BTS! 😁

In asking what her favorite song is by BTS, Noor replied back with “Mikrokosmos”. Noor characterized that this song, “will always be close to my heart!” When looking at the lyricical meaning, Noor describes it as a song that BTS uses to share the love they have for their fans who are always by their side. But personally to Noor, this song reminds her of the days before the pandemic when BTS would do world tours. The song “Mikrokosmos” was the closing song throughout BTS’s 2019 Speak Yourself Tour, and whenever Noor hears it, she expresses that she can’t help but feel emotional over the memories that are attached to it! 💜

As for a favorite video of BTS, Noor’s personal favorite video is “House of ARMY”! Noor first saw the video when it was streamed on a BTS fan meeting, which showed the members of BTS pretending to be a family of ARMY members! Noor explains that the video is, “so funny and cute at the same time! Also their professional acting skills are very admirable!” 🤪

Beyond Noor’s favorite songs and videos, we asked why Noor is a fan of BTS and what makes them so special to her! She replied, “The thing that I think is most special about BTS is the messages they convey to the world through their music.” Noor went on to describe an example of how BTS does this by mentioning their anti-violence campaign “Love Myself”! The “Love Myself” campaign was started on November 1, 2017 by the Korean and Japanese committee for UNICEF. Since 2017, the campaign has raised $2.98 million globally to help the end of violence against children, young people, and adolescents all over the world! How amazing is that! 💕