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Behind the Fan: @conangraymxc ✨

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we interviewed Sofia, Ximena, Danna, and Isabella! They are all from Mexico and run the Instagram account @conangraymxc together. We can’t wait to hear their stories and how this account has created amazing memories for each of them! 💕

Sofia became a fan of Conan Gray a couple of months before his album Kid Krow was released. One of her friends recommended Conan’s EP Sunset Season, and after she listened, Sofia became obsessed. What draws her to Conan is the bond he has with his fans and his honest songwriting. Sophia says another thing that makes him unique is his sense of humor because it makes Conan’s live performances stand out! Ximena became a fan in 2018 and says that Conan is special to her because of his honesty and the fact that his music comes from a different perspective than other artists. Isabella became a fan right after "Maniac" was released and she was also introduced to Conan through a friend. The song that made Isabella obsessed with Conan was “The King.” Isabella fell in love with his voice and how well he writes emotions, it's what draws Isabella to his music. Danna became a fan after the “Maniac” music video and she loves how honest Conan is with his fans. 🎸


Sofia’s favorite Conan songs are “The Story,” “Family Line,” and “Overdrive” because they mean a lot to her. Sofia says “Overdrive” isn’t a sad song like everyone else thinks. She goes on to say that “Overdrive” was released when she was going through a rough time in her life and all the lyrics were exactly what she needed to hear. “The Story'' and “Family Line” showed Sofia that bad circumstances don’t equal a bad life.

Danna’s fav is also “The Story'' and she’s not sure why but as soon as Conan sang it live she fell in love with it. Ximena’s favorite song is “Astronomy” because it was released exactly when she needed it. Isabella’s favorite Conan songs are the sad songs. Isabella says it makes her feel like she isn’t going through her struggles alone. 🌟

Sofia’s favorite video of Conan is his cover of Lorde’s song “Liability.” She is a huge Lorde fan, so this was a fun crossover moment for her. Sofia also likes the “Overdrive” music video as well as Conan’s Draw My Life and the behind-the-scenes of the “People Watching” music video. Ximena’s favorite video is the “Comfort Crowd” music video because it fits the song so well. Isabella’s fav is the “Heather’ Official Lyrics & Meaning” video from Genius because of the memories she has when she was adding Spanish subtitles for their followers. 🎥

Conan interacted with their account right before the release of "Astronomy" and reposted a fan edit they made about the release! Conan has interacted with the account a couple more times since, commenting on posts about fan meetings. Sofia and Isabella haven't gotten the chance to see Conan perform live yet but we’re sure their chance will come one day! Ximena was lucky enough to meet Conan in Miami.

They hugged and Ximena told Conan how she traveled all the way from Mexico and he wished her a safe flight. She can still remember how the hug felt and was in such shock that she forget to ask for a picture. We all know the feeling! Danna saw Conan live in Montreal and even though it was raining a ton, Conan still came out to greet his fans where Danna got to meet him! 💕

If Sofia could plan Conan’s next concert, she would love for Mxmtoon to be the opening act. She’s super talented and reminds Sofia of Conan because they have similar vibes. Sofia’s not super picky about what the setlist is, as long as Conan plays “Little League,'' which is another one of her favorite songs! Danna wants Alec Benjamin to open for Conan and needs Conan to sing “The Other Side” and “Family Line.” Even though Conan has performed with Olivia Rodrigo before since they are besties, Ximena would love to see them stage together again. Isabella wants to see Billie Eilish and Conan on stage together.