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Behind the Fan: @louissflorals ❤️‍🔥

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we got the opportunity to speak with Emma! Emma is from the UK and is the owner of the Instagram account @louissflorals! We’re excited to share her story and how Louis Tomlinson's music has made a difference in her life!

Emma became a fan of Louis in 2011 when she discovered One Direction, and when the band went on hiatus, she started supporting Louis as a solo artist! She thinks that the main thing differentiating Louis from other artists is his love for his fans and how he’s constantly reminding his fans how much they mean to him. Emma’s never seen such an incredible bond between artist and fan before! 😍

It was hard for Emma to pick a favorite video of Louis, but she was able to narrow it down to pretty much any fan interaction he has, or when Louis and Liam would get in water fights on stage during One Direction tours! She loves any compilation of Louis during One Direction press conferences because they never fail to make her laugh. 🤩

The Louis songs that mean the most to Emma are “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” and “Only the Brave” from his debut album Walls. Both of these songs have a special place in her heart, but Emma told us that “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” has saved her during some of the most difficult times in her life because of how upbeat the song is and how motivating it is to her. She loves “Only the Brave” because there’s no one set meaning to the song, so fans are able to interpret the song however they please! Lots of fans have taken the song to be an LGBTQ+ anthem and now hold up pride flags at Louis’ shows to celebrate their sexuality! 🏳️‍🌈

Emma told us that her favorite Louis memories are when she was lucky enough to get a video message from Louis where he says “Hi Emma, it’s Louis Tomlinson here. I just wanted to send you all my love!” That video and the times when Louis’ team account, LTHQ, reposted some of the artwork she made of Louis to their account are some of her most prized possessions! 🤍

Emma was also lucky enough to see Louis when One Direction was still together, and twice on his solo tour in 2022! She saw the final show of the European leg of tour in Doncaster, aka Louis’ hometown. Not only does she think it was one of the most special shows of the tour, but it was also definitely one of the most emotional because the song he auditioned for the X Factor with was playing when the show ended! Everyone was crying as they left the venue. Emma saw him again in December at the first Pryzm show, aka the release show for his second album, Faith In The Future! At that show, he sang songs from Faith In The Future, and it was one of the best nights of Emma’s life. 🥰

When we asked Emma to plan her dream Louis concert, she knew immediately that she’d want the band Lovejoy to open for him! They’re a smaller indie band from Brighton and she thinks their sounds would work really well together. Her dream setlist would include the songs “Chicago,” “Silver Tongues,” and for a little One Direction throwback moment, she’d want him to play “No Control”! 🎤

Her favorite part of having a fan account is being able to interact with other fans! The community Emma’s made is so important to her and she loves how nice and welcoming everyone is. Sharing a passion for Louis’ music has introduced her to so many new people from around the world! That’s also one of the best experiences she’s had through running her account — all of the friends she’s made! Her other favorite experience was when she went live on Instagram for her last Louis show and had thousands of people watching her livestream and enjoying the concert with her! 🫂

If Emma could send Louis a message, she would want to thank him for everything he’s done for her. “From being the most influential and authentic person I could ever look up to, to making music that has made a mark on me forever, you and your music have saved me in countless ways,” Emma said. She wants him to know how much his music means to her and how seeing him live has been the best times of her life. 🥺

If you loved reading Emma’s story as much as we did, make sure to follow her on @louissflorals to keep up with everything Louis related! Let us know your favorite memories with Louis or favorite songs on our Instagram or Twitter! For more amazing fan stories, check out other Behind the Fan blogs here! 💜

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