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Behind the Fan: @madisonbeerone ❤️‍🔥

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann

An artist we are obsessed with and believe doesn’t get enough credit is 22 year-old Madison Beer! Discovered by Justin Bieber at just 13 years old, Madison posted a cover of Etta James “At Last” when Justin posted on Twitter: “wow. 13 years old! she can sing. great job.” The rest was history with Madison’s stardom launching and her taking full control of her musical career! Here today on our Fan Blog is @madisonbeerone, who is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like running a fan account dedicated to Madison Beer and her fans! Thank you so much @madisonbeerone - Let’s jump in! 💘

“I don’t remember the exact moment I first heard about her,” @madisonbeerone explains. With songs like “All Day And Night” and “Hurts Like Hell” on the radio in 2018, it was common to hear Madison over the radio without knowing it was her. It wasn’t until recently that @madisonbeerone started a fan account and really fell in love with her! “The fact she’s been through so much and is only 22 says so much about her. I admire her strength, honesty, and authenticity. Madison is always herself, speaks her mind, and opens up about mental health, which still aren’t topics that are socially acceptable; that's a huge thing to do!” 🥰

This is so true about Madison and her songwriting, which is part of the reason why we love and admire her so much! She is fearlessly herself and doesn’t hold anything back! This led perfectly into us asking @madisonbeerone what their favorite song of Madison’s is! “The album ‘Life Support’ in general has helped me through so much and is my constant go-to for tough situations.” But as for individual songs, “Effortlessly”, “Stay Numb And Carry On”, and “Emotional Bruises” would have to be some of their favorites! ❤️

As for music videos, @madisonbeerone explains that “BOYSH*T” and “Reckless” are two of their favorites! “I especially love the alternate ending of ‘Reckless’ because I feel like it fits the theme a little better!” 😇

Though @madisonbeerone hasn’t met Madison Beer in person, this doesn’t discount some of the amazing interactions they have had online! From getting recognized by Madison’s team and interacting with other fans, these are just two highlights of their fan account! 🤩

“[My] favorite part of running a fan account is having the ability to connect with likeminded people and sharing my love and admiration for Madison! Being a place of support for her is also something that means a lot to me!” 🤗

@madisonbeerone shared how running a fan account has brought about some amazing friendships as well! They shouted out an Instagram friend @madsbeerupdates, a.k.a Lexi, who without both of their accounts would never have met! 🎉

In closing out our interview with @madisonbeerone, we asked if they could send one message to Madison, what would it entail? Here is what they said: “You are so loved and supported by so many people all over the world! I am so proud of the person you are today, and how you open up about mental health and fighting for people to just be themselves! You are inspiring, insanely talented, and I’m so glad to call myself a fan!” 💫

We absolutely loved getting to interview @madisonbeerone, and this interview rounds out our Behind the Fan blog series for 2021! It’s been such a great experience getting to know all of the fans behind these amazing fan accounts, and we can’t wait to meet even more fans in 2022! Thank you to @madisonbeerone and all of the other incredible fans that we met this year! 🥳

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