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“Julia, You Make Us Feel Safe”

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by, Tess Considine

Julia Michaels, a pop singer-songwriter, is known for her vulnerability in her lyrics. Her songs are very conversational where the listener feels like they can connect with her on a deeper level. Bri is a superfan of Julia, and she believes that Julia’s writing plays a big part of why she loves her so much.

Bri started listening to Julia Michaels a few years ago but really got into her music in 2018. Julia writes a lot about dealing with anxiety and depression which Bri relates to on a personal level. This inspired Bri to make a fan project for Julia’s show in Houston. “She talks a lot about her anxiety and depression and her issues regarding that. Being someone who deals with both of those things, it was really nice to know that I wasn’t alone in that, which is why I put the project in for the song “Anxiety”. Anxiety is a lot to deal with, and she understands that and she makes sure we know that we aren’t alone in anything.”

For Bri’s fan project, she cut out 130-140 paper hearts and wrote, “Julia, you make us feel safe” on the front. Her goal was to have the audience hold them up when Julia would sing the line, “If you’re scared, put your hand up” in her song, “Anxiety”. Bri wanted to show Julia how much she meant to her fans and how much happiness she brings them.

When holding up the cut out hearts, Julia noticed it, which made Bri so happy and emotional. “I had a really rough week last week, and to see her recognize my project and say that she loved it made me so incredibly happy.” This story is another example of the power of music, and the amazing relationship between fans and artists!

Thank you Bri for sharing your Julia Michaels fan project with us!

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