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10 Things To Do In Quarantine

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Savannah Alday

How many days have you been in quarantine? Five days? Twelve days? I think we can all agree that self-isolating is starting to get a bit boring.

So... we wanted to give you some fun ideas for what you can do when you are bored in your house. These activities are great to do by yourself, with the fam, or with friends. Do remember though not to get into large groups!

1. Binge new albums

Thank goodness for streaming! While concerts and festivals are being canceled or postponed, that has not stopped artists from releasing new music. Several artists have committed to their original release dates, flooding you with options for your listening pleasure! Streaming is also a great way for you to support your favorite artists while you can’t see them in person. Take this time to really dive in and get to know the artists you already love or try someone new, broadening your music options. Kelsea Ballerini’s new album came out last Friday, and 5 Seconds of Summer’s album comes out tomorrow!

2. Make your own reviews

Review anything you want involving your favorite artist! Whatever you chose to be that song, album, marketing, merch, or formerly attended concert, make it viewable. Maybe take this idea to finally start that blog you always wanted to or hope on Instagram Live and let the public know how you feel. Keep it fun but also consistent. The more regularly you post or hop on Insta Live the more engagement you’ll have. This is also great because by posting you’re helping others with their quarantine boredom

3. Watch artist/concert documentaries

Remember when artists used to do concert documentaries? We do! It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. If you need something to watch, pull up a classic like Justin Bieber's “Never Say Never” concert film from 2011 or Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” movie to relive the soon to be mom’s early years in pop. Artist documentaries are also great to pass the time and they give you a deeper look into some of your favorite musicians. Two new documentaries aired this year. Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” on Netflix and Justin Bieber's “Seasons” series on Youtube TV. There are so many of these types of films that you might not even make it through all of them before quarantines over.

4. Plan a virtual fan meetup

Zoom is making for some pretty funny memes when it comes to online classes, but it doesn’t have to be used just for academics. Zoom, Skype, and other video chats can help isolation not feel as lonely. If you are part of a fandom, you can use these tools as a way of connecting with fellow fans. Take to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and reach out t0 your favorite fan groups, post about the day/time when you are going to open a video call for anyone who wants to hang out. You can even play that fandom's favorite artist in the background! Quizzes and games are a way to get to know one another. Alternatively, you could do this with your immediate friend group if reaching out to fan accounts isn’t your speed. Either way, this will help you stay in touch and hopefully not feel so isolated.

5. Create a vision board

Now is a better time than any to start planning out your goals! Creating a vision board can give you a great craft to work on for one day or multiple depending on how personalized you wanna make it. Use anything you want to make this board! You can use a corkboard or a magnetic board or you can honestly just use a section of wall in your room. Put pictures, words, or anything else that represents specific goals you’d like to achieve. It can be as simple as putting up a picture of the Jonas Brothers if your goal is to see them in concert. Anything goes!

6. Learn Dances

If there is one thing quarantine has given us, it would be fantastic TikToks! People are really letting their creative minds work at bringing us some spectacular entertainment. You should join in! An awesome idea is to make up 30-second dances to some of your favorite songs. Who knows, your dance may go viral! On the other hand, you can also learn dances from your favorite music videos! Did you ever master the dances from One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” or Beyonce’s “Single Ladies?!”

7. Create quarantine themed playlists

We may be stuck in the house, but that does not mean we don’t need appropriate music for every situation! Take this time to really get creative with your playlists. Dedicate a whole playlist to one artist or make some based off emotions you experience while in quarantine. You could even make a workout playlist to help you stay motivated. Up to you but make them fun!

8. Design a makeup look after your favorite artist/album

This suggestion is for our makeup gurus out there! If you are wanting to work on your skills this is a fun challenge. Pick your favorite artist. Then pick your favorite album they’ve made. Then either use an album cover, a song, music video, or favorite look that the artist used as inspiration to create a fierce look. Look at Charli XCX’s cover for her 2019 self-titled album “Charli,” and pull some inspiration from her futuristic theme!

9. Artists' live streams

Artists have been hosting live streams in an effort to help fans cure boredom while also letting fans know that they love them. So many artists have been putting on virtual concerts through Instagram Live as well as Facebook Live. If you want to know who has got live streams happening while COVID-19 prevents us from seeing our favorite acts in person, head over to With The Band’s Instagram (@withthebandvip). We are posting every Monday and Wednesday about which artists are live streaming as well as the dates and times!

10. Unplug

Don’t forget to take this time to disconnect and let yourself rest! Maybe slice out an hour or more a day where you shut off your phone, laptop, and any other device. Instead, crack open a good book or hang out with the family. Take this time to really check in with yourself and find some balance in all this chaos.

Do your part in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing, isolating yourself, and, as always, wash your hands. We at With the Band love you guys and hope you and your loved ones stay healthy!

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