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Fans' Favorite One Direction Memories

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Megan Vercruysse

How has it been 10 years since the creation of One Direction?! We’ve had 5,259,492 minutes of a fandom that quite literally never stops, and 315,569,520 seconds since Simon Cowell took a ~chonce~ on a group of boys who would break music industry world records and have millions of fans across the globe. The anniversary of One Direction means celebrating a fandom that for many, has become a home. It was the music that you blasted on the way to practice after school and still is your go-to when you hit shuffle on your way to work. And let’s not forget the “funny moments” videos that always turned your bad days around. We wanted to celebrate all that One Direction has given to its fans by sharing some of YOUR favorite 1D moments from the years!

@onedirectionxo.xo’s favorite moments include Zayn’s infamous “vas happenin?” and Louis’ love for “girls who eat carrots.”

@Kristyny21’s favorite moment was when they released "Drag me Down" at Midnight and when they got to see it performed live!

@onedirection.1dfan_’s favorite moments include some of the fandoms favorite side comments that became inside jokes like “Niall the church boy” and “Liam, no hair”' favorite moment is a fandom staple of “No Jimmy Protested”

@nexttohoran loved the way One Direction interacted with their fans and the excitement within the fan community the week leading up to a new release!

@karmnn_a loved it when the boys supported the Red Nose Foundation with their “One Way or Another” music video!

@snooks2006’s favorite moment was Liam in the banana suit!

One Direction’s fandom truly is a family, and 10 years later the bond has only grown stronger. Cheers to 10 years and a day full of being grateful for all the love and laughter Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis have given over the years. Be sure to take a peek below to see all the official ways One Direction have been celebrating today!

10 years of One Direction Official Website:

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