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15 Outfits Ideas for Love on Tour! 👗

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

If you're heading to Harry Styles Love On Tour, congrats, you win at life! Whether this is your first or your fifth time seeing him live, any die-hard stan will tell you that the arena radiates joy, love, and an understanding that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You simply cannot wear sweats (wear whatever you want but we think this is the one excuse to dress to the nines). If Harry is wearing something that will end up on your FYP in the morning, your fit must match, and we are here to help! From sequins and fringe to printed miniskirts, we've got something for everyone, and these 15 outfits will make you look fabulous! 🍒

#1 Bold Prints

Nothing says Harry Styles more like a random print that looks like it fell out of a Justice catalog. A pop of something funky paired with pants and cute boots can be a simple way to look cute on a budget! If you want to pay tribute to a past Harry Look, check out this Etsy shop that sells Harry-Inspired Tees! You can also go for a flower moment, some stripes, or polka dots! 💖

#2 Sequins

Sparkly outfits are always a good call, and sequins are an excellent first step! They can add some flair to your fit. You can either do a sparkly skirt, shirt, blazer, or even makeup! If you want a little extra sparkle, we recommend buying a hair bedazzler! We are so impressed with the iconic hairstyles Harries have been wearing. ✨

#3 Fringe

Harry is no stranger to fringe, and you shouldn’t be either! Fringe tops are an excellent way to either DIY an old shirt or keep it simple. If glitter isn’t your thing, you still deserve to look your best, and fringe can match with literally anything! 🧵