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15 Tours You Don't Want to Miss This Fall 🌎

Written by Kiri Hassinger

Can you feel it? The cool morning breeze, the smell of pumpkin spice in the air, and the Target Halloween decorations? Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Fall tours! What better way to celebrate the season than seeing your favorite artist live? This Fall is packed full of tours, so we’ve compiled a list of the must-see shows scheduled from September through December. Maybe your fave is playing a show near you! 🎫

We know you’ve seen the TikToks. The boys have packed their setlist full of new songs and classics, so there’s something for everyone in the audience. 5 Seconds of Summer started their tour back in July, and they’ll be wrapping it up on October 22nd at Las Vegas Festival Grounds. If you had to pick one song from the dice which one would you want to hear? 🎲

The JoBros are back at it again! This time they’re bringing fans a set so long that there’s a scheduled intermission. Just like 5 Seconds of Summer, the Jonas Brothers are playing both old and new, and we can’t get over them playing Year 3000!” They started their tour at the beginning of August, and the tour is planned to continue into the summer of 2024. Check out our YouTube to see a vlog of the opening show! 🎥

3. SZA

SZA’s album SOS hit fans like a summertime thunderstorm and took over TikTok with songs like Kill Bill” and “Snooze.” Now if you think those songs were good before, wait until you hear them live! SZA started her tour in June, and she’ll be on the road through the end of October. 🌊

Name a better duo. We’ll wait. Drake and 21 Savage are hitting the road together for a North American Tour this Fall. Their tour “It’s All A Blur” started in Chicago back in July and is scheduled to continue into October with two show dates TBD. Their songs are all over Instagram and TikTok, so whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual listener, the pair will definitely be performing something you’ll like. 😵‍💫

Everyone out your hands together for the king of Fall himself, Hozier! His tour of the U.S. and Europe is bound to be packed full of nights to remember. His tour starts in just a couple of days in St. Louis, MO, and ends in December in Dublin, Ireland. His music screams warm drinks and fiery, colorful leaves. Who better to see on tour this Fall? 🍂

And now give it up for the prince of Fall! Noah Kahan’s nearly sold-out tour started in March of 2023, and he’ll be on the road through April 2024. His tour is following Hozier’s pretty closely, and Hozier even brought Noah out on stage at the Iron Blossom Festival. It doesn’t get much closer to Fall vibes than this! 🍁

7. P!nk

P!nk’s “Summer Carnival” tour is celebrating the artist’s new album TRUSTFALL. As always, P!nk performs her heart out for her fans. The set is complete with songs old and new, a brightly lit, colorful stage, and even P!nk flying through the air! It’s a show that you don’t want to miss, and there are plenty of chances to see her! The tour is in swing and will continue all the way through March 2024! ✨

So, what was your favorite song off of Lana’s new album, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? She’ll probably be performing it live this fall! Lana’s tour is currently underway, and she’s traveling all over the U.S. until October 5th. We hope you can catch one of her shows! 💜

Renée has taken the world by storm this year, and she’ll continue to do so on her tour of the U.S. and Europe. As she should! She started her tour back in August, and she’ll hop across the pond in November, finishing up her tour in Dublin, Ireland, in March 2024. 🙌

Starting September 27th, John Mayer is hitting the road with JP Saxe. John’s most recent album came out in 2021, so fans can definitely expect to hear old songs and new songs. The pair will tour together through November 10th, and John will pick the tour back up with Madison Cunningham in 2024 to finish off the tour in Europe. 🕺

Um, did someone say Tumblr 2014?? Why else would Lana, Arctic Monkeys, and The 1975 all be on tour? Arctic Monkeys have been on tour for a while now, starting back in January 2023, and they’ve traveled all over the world (literally) to get to the North American wing of their tour. The tour is scheduled to end in October 2023. 🤘

Speaking of The 1975, they’ve also been on the road for quite some time, haven’t they? They toured through 2022, and have decided to pick back up this September. If this tour is anything like the last one, they’ll be playing songs from Being Funny in a Foreign Language as well as classics from their older albums as well. Did you know that this year is the tenth anniversary of their self-titled album?! Raise your hand if that makes you feel old! 🙋‍♀️

13. Kesha

Though her tour is one of the shorter ones this Fall–only lasting about a month–we definitely appreciate all the time we can get with Kesha. Her new album Gag Order came out earlier this Summer, and we can’t get enough of it! Make sure to catch her live if you get the chance! 🫡

14. The Eagles

There are some things that we just can’t believe are happening, and one of them is definitely The Long Goodbye tour. The Eagles’s final tour, with special guest Steely Dan, starts in September and ends in November of this year. As sad as it is to see them go after nearly half a century, we can’t wait to see what the Eagles have in store for their fans! 🥹

And last but certainly not least, Emblem3 is on tour! They’re touring all over North America playing old hits, as well as songs from their new album Songs from the Couch, Vol. 2. Who’s excited? We know we are! 🤩

The feeling you get when seeing your favorite artists live is unmatched. You never forget the memories you make at concerts. Between the live versions of your fav songs and being surrounded by people who love the same music as you, it's hard to forget such a special night. Are you seeing any of your favorite artists live this Fall? Let us know on our Instagram! 🎤

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