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2023 Documentaries to Keep an Eye Out For! 🎥

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

If you’re anything like us and kept refreshing Fandango to make sure you’d secure tickets for the One Direction: This Is Us documentary, then you’ve definitely got a list of what musician documentaries to keep an eye out for this year! We’ve done our research and compiled a list of documentaries you can’t miss in 2023! 🍿

Starting off strong, Louis Tomlinson’s documentary All Of Those Voices premiered just a few weeks ago! The film debuted in certain theaters across the globe and really highlighted his career from his early days in One Direction through his beginnings as a solo artist. This is one we definitely recommend having tissues nearby when you watch it because the odds that you’ll cry are pretty high. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that we’d watch a million more times if we could! While it’s not confirmed to be coming to any streaming services as of right now, we’re keeping our eyes peeled to see where it’ll end up! 😍

On Disney+, J-Hope’s documentary J-Hope in the Box was released on February 17th! The filming took place over a roughly 200 day period of J-Hope’s life, and focuses mainly on what creating his debut solo album, Jack in the Box, was really like! It’s an almost 90-minute film capturing his recording process and even his Lollapalooza debut in 2022! While this documentary isn’t as emotional as some of the other ones we’ve mentioned, it really shows J-Hope’s work ethic and how much time and energy he puts into creating the best music he’s able to. Don’t worry, the other members of BTS make cameos in the film as well, so there’s definitely a fair share of sweet moments between them! 💙

One of the pioneers of country music, Willie Nelson, has a documentary entitled Willie & Family that’s (hopefully) being released this year! The almost 90-year-old has had an incredible career, and the documentary series is almost 5 hours long to encapsulate the entirety of his career. The director said that his main struggle was trying to fit the documentary into an hour and a half time frame, and he realized he just couldn’t do Willie justice, so he expanded the documentary into a series! So many incredible celebrities, including Dolly Parton and Kenny Chesney, make it onto the screen to reflect on his career alongside Willie and his team. There’s no official release date for this docu-series yet, but we’re checking every day in hopes that it’s announced soon! 🤠

Another film that just recently came out is Lewis Capaldi’s How I’m Feeling Now, which premiered on Netflix on April 5th! As much as the documentary focuses on Lewis’ career and the songwriting process for his second album, it also focuses on his struggles with mental health, more specifically Lewis’ anxiety and Tourette’s syndrome. On Netflix, the film is described as intimate and emotional, and early reviews of the movie are saying the same thing! It definitely gives a deeper insight into Lewis’ career and what the sudden jump into stardom was like for him, and we’re so excited to watch it! 🥺

If you love hip-hop and want to know more about how it came to be what we know it as today, then the docu-series Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World is going to be absolutely perfect for you! This four episode series chronicles the last 50 years of hip-hop and focuses on how hip-hop had major impacts on both politics and culture! Iconic artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Jay-Z, Ice-T,, and even J. Cole are featured guests in the docu-series! They talk about the impact that making hip-hop music has had on not only them but also the world around them. All episodes are currently streaming on PBS, so make sure to watch! 😊

Ed Sheeran’s new documentary series, The Sum Of It All, is set to premiere on Disney+ on May 3rd! It’s divided into four parts, named “Love,” “Loss,” “Balance,” and “Life,” with each part seeming to focus on that aspect of his personal life and career! This series is coming only two days before Ed’s sixth studio album, - (pronounced ‘subtract’), is set to be released. Ed said that while he’s always been very reserved in terms of sharing his private life with his fans, he felt that now was the perfect time to open up. While the series will focus on the incredible success of his career, it’ll also heavily focus on his personal life and the struggles he’s been facing for the last few years. We’ve got notifications on our calendars for this one, and we will be seated with popcorn and tissues as soon as it’s available to stream! 🤩

The queen of hip-hop herself, Nicki Minaj, has had the barbz waiting for her highly anticipated docu-series since 2020. While there is no official release date, Nicki has said that the series is "coming sooner than you think." The series is set to follow Nicki's rise to stardom as well as the ups and downs of her personal life. Originally, Nicki announced that the six part docu-series, NICKI, would be released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her album Pink Friday. However, fans didn't hear about the series again until 2022, when Nicki dropped the trailer. NICKI was set to premiere on HBO Max but the producers are still looking for a new home for the docu-series. We hope we can finally see the creative process behind the rapper this year! 💗

If you’re just as excited as we are for any of these, or have already seen some of them, let us know your favorite parts on our Instagram or Twitter! Let us know if we missed any that you’re anticipating, but if you need us, we’ll be curled up on our couches for the foreseeable future! 🤍

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