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Our Top 10 Music Predictions for 2023! 🎶

Written by: Caroline Walters

2022 was a whirlwind of new favorite albums, spending too much money on tours, and traveling to see all of our favorite artists. We hope that 2023 brings the exact same thing and that all of our predictions come true. We know that some of these seem a little far-fetched, but what else are predictions for? Hopefully, some of these are correct, and maybe you have some of the same thoughts as us! 💭

Olivia Rodrigo’s Sophomore Album

If you know anything about Olivia Rodrigo, you probably kept up with her hit album SOUR and the 2022 tour that followed it. Since the incredible success she had on tour, she’s gone almost radio silent online, just posting fun photo dumps with friends every once in a while and praising the artists she loves. The two-year anniversary of her debut single “drivers license” was on January 8th, and since then, fans have started frantically theorizing about when she’ll drop new music. She definitely takes after her idol Taylor Swift in this sense! Earlier this week, Olivia posted an Instagram story of her and her producer, Dan Nigro, in the studio, and this plus the easter eggs we’re seeing are showing that if we’re lucky, she’ll release a new single on February 3rd! Her team tweeted that it was time to “renew ur driver's license” with an updated version of the driver’s license art from 2021, and the numbers in the bottom are showing February 3rd, and if she’s teasing release dates like she did before SOUR came out, this means new music is soon! 🎤

The Resurgence of the Tumblr Era

The 2014 era was filled with American Apparel, tennis skirts, poetry, and the ever-iconic grunge aesthetic. Halsey got her start writing poetry and publishing it on the site, and just last month, she tweeted a link to her revived Tumblr account. The 1975 are having a major comeback with their current tour and recent album release, and we would even say they’re “at their very best.” Not only are The 1975 making a return, but so are peak 2014 Tumblr band Arctic Monkeys with the release of their 7th album The Car back in October. The way these bands are making returns into the pop culture scene will bring back the style choices from that age. If you’re like us, Doc Martens are already a staple in your wardrobe, but if not, you might want to invest in some! 💿

Niall Horan’s Third Album

Niall’s got a busy summer schedule ahead of him, from filming The Voice to the summer festivals he’s already booked across the globe, but he’s still been teasing new music on TikTok throughout all of this! He hasn’t released new music or tour dates since his second album Heartbreak Weather came out in 2020, so we’re all anxiously awaiting him to do something. The word on the street, aka the fan theories, is that he’ll release a single in February and then since The Voice starts in March, he’ll release his album in May (fingers crossed)! As of January 10th, he’s booked one U.S. festival (Boston Calling at the end of May) and we’re hoping that after his summer of festivals, he’ll be going on tour in the fall! 🎟

Taylor Swift Re-releases Everything

Now, it’s no secret that Taylor Swift is embarking on the biggest tour of 2023, but how is she going to put on The Eras Tour without having re-released all of her earlier albums? All of the fan theories are showing that befor