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Amplifying Black Artists' Voices 📢

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Hoffman

We wanted to take this week to acknowledge what is going on in our world. Protests are happening in every state in the US as well as in many major cities around the globe. We feel it is imperative to amplify Black voices and continue to share their messages. That's why this week, we wanted to share the voices of Black artists as well as share how they are calling their fans to take action at this time.

Normani - On June 1st, Normani posted on Instagram a testimony of how she has been trying to process all of this. We highly recommend you check out what she said here.

Alicia Keys - Alicia continues to empower us to speak our minds and be ourselves. Alicia posted some great resources on ways you can help…

Lizzo - Count on Lizzo to bring us joy during these hard times. Lizzo has posted many resources for her fans including this fun video to encourage her fans to vote in their local elections. She recommended these websites to find out where/when you can vote! 🤓 🤗 She also posted about ways to help Minneapolis families who have been dramatically affected by COVID and the protests:

Snoop Dogg - Snoop has been constantly posting new ways to help support the Black Lives Matter movement. He has educated his followers on which states are opening primary voting; furthermore, he posted this great video explaining systemic racism. He also has been posting a “dummy of the week” video which lets his followers get a little laugh and positivity into their lives from watching people epically wipe out.

Beyoncé- Beyonce has been super active in helping the Black community fight COVID, and she has also been encouraging her fans to sign petitions to help create change.

John Legend- John Legend posted that he is joining MB4L’s week of action to help create positive change. You learn more about how you could get involved here. Each day of the week, MB4L is focusing on different problems from COVID relief efforts in Black communities as well as calling local elected officials about policy changes.

In addition, we encourage you to be active listeners of things you can do to support and help. We can vote. We can donate. We can sign petitions. We can stand for what we believe in.

A resource we have found for those who do not have the means to donate or join the protests is a video on YouTube titled “How to financially help BLM with no money/leaving your house” by Zoe Amira. This video is a great place to listen and learn PLUS all ad revenue from streaming this video will be donated to support great organizations!

More than ever we encourage you all to love and support each other.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement, click here.

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