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Are Fan Clubs Free?

Written by: Katherine Penman

Fan clubs seem to be rising in popularity as fans are wanting to connect more with their favorite artists and other fans of that artist. Fan clubs can be a great way to get extra content, behind the scenes, and much more. With a revival of fan clubs many fans are asking, are these fan clubs free?

Many of the popular fan clubs today like BTS’s ARMY Membership, Carrie Underwood’s Fan Club, and even With the Band’s own Fan Crews involve a membership fee. This fee can go towards membership kits which you get by becoming a member, access to content non members can’t see like behind the scenes and early sneak peaks of new songs. Many paid fan clubs also grant you early access to tickets, membership only merch, and some even involve meet and greet events that only fan club members can attend.

There are some sites that offer free access to some content. Weverse offers a free version of all their artists pages where you can look at other fans' posts and artists' posts. There is also a paid version of the app that gives fans access to posts only members can see. However, many artists post daily on the free version of the app for their fans.

If you have the money for it, subscribing to a fan membership can be worth it especially if you’re a big fan and interested in all the perks, merch, and the sense of community! For fans who are unsure of making the commitment to a fan club membership, there are still many free ways to be active in the fandom and interact with other fans through fan accounts on sites like Twitter and Instagram!

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

join a Fan Crew on the With the Band app!


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