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Behind the Fan: @5sosconcert 🎸

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

It's all about 5 Seconds of Summer for this week’s Behind the Fan! We interviewed 25-year-old Amanda from Mexico City! She runs @5sosconcert on Instagram and we were so excited to share her story and share with you what we learned. 😎

Amanda has been a 5SOS fan since 2013. What draws her to the band is their friendship! Whether it’s live on stage or in an interview, she can always tell that the guys actually enjoy being around each other. Their dynamic feels unrehearsed and natural, it makes everything they do feel that much more special! 🎤

When asked about her favorite 5SOS song, Amanda was conflicted. “Heartbreak Girl'' was the first song she ever heard by 5SOS, which always leaves her feeling nostalgic. However, “Me Myself and I” holds a special place in her heart. Amanda says that the song came out when she was going through a hard time in her life and the lyrics made her feel like someone understood what she was going through. 🤍

Amanda mainly gets to experience the band via Instagram but she's been able to see them live 3 times in Mexico! She says that Sounds Lives Feel Live was the best concert she’s ever seen because there was so much energy among the fans and it was hard not to get hyped! If she was planning their next tour, Amanda says she would love to see a collab between the Jonas Brothers and 5SOS!! In a perfect world, they would play their entire discography but she would love to hear them play “Try Hard.” 🎸

She was also lucky enough to meet them in 2018 at a meet-and-greet for the release of Youngblood. Amanda was a little sad that the meet-and-greet was very fast but she has pictures with the band that she will cherish forever. She hopes to one day be able to meet them properly and have a full conversation! 💜

After being a fan for so long and running the account since 2021, we were sure that Amanda would have some iconic fan moments. Her favorite memory has to be when Ashton followed her fan account earlier this year! Amanda shared that she created the account so fans could enjoy the band live and a majority of her content is videos recorded by the 5SOS Fam. She couldn't believe it when Ashton followed her Instagram account because he doesn’t follow many fan accounts. Amanda considers it a huge privilege! Having Ashton follow her account allowed Amanda to create a lot of interactions between him and his fans. Every time he likes or reposts something on Instagram she immediately takes screenshots and sends them to the fans who originally posted it. Seeing other fans’ reactions is her favorite part about having a fan account! 🤩

Besides Ashton's following her, the best experience she's ever had running her account is when fans DM her and share their stories and tell her how much they enjoy her content. Amanda's hesitant to call it her content because it belongs to the whole fandom. However, it brings her a lot of joy knowing that there are more people like her, who want to share their favs live performances with the whole world! We could not agree more!! 🙌

To close out our interview we asked Amanda what she would want to tell 5SOS if she got the chance to send them a message. She says, “Thank you for sharing your talent and hearts with the world. Thank you for being with me every day at any moment, with every lyric, note, and chord. Thank you for making me happy and saving me.” We hope Amanda gets to tell the boys this one day. 💜

It was awesome getting to talk with Amanda and hearing about her Journey! For all things, 5 Seconds of Summer follow Amanda on Instagram and check out more Behind the Fan interviews here!

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