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Behind the Fan: @naeuzi 💕

Written by: Katie Curran

In this week’s edition of Behind the Fan, we talked to Ava, the owner of the BLACKPINK fan account @naeuzi on Instagram! She is from Sweden and has been posting daily on her page since last year. This week, we got to hear all about her journey as a BLACKPINK fan, and how running the page has changed her life. 🥰

Ava became a BLACKPINK fan in 2016 when she found the music video for their song “BOOMBAYAH” in her YouTube recommendations! She loved the song and started dancing to it almost immediately. Afterward, she went to their channel and found other songs that she fell in love with! She loves how sweet the band is with their fans, and how the fandom even has its own name: Blinks! She also loves how she feels connected to them because her mother is South Korean and listening to BLACKPINK gives her a sense of relief about her identity; she feels like they are on her side. We absolutely love this, and couldn't be happier for her! 🤍

When asked about her favorite song, she said that “Don’t Know What to Do” is her favorite, because not only is it beautiful, but she loves that the lyrics convey the message of missing someone and not knowing what to do without them. She also says that her favorite music video is the live video of their “Sure Thing” cover because even at the beginning of their careers, the vocals are incredible. 🤩

Though Ava has never been to a BLACKPINK concert, her favorite memory of the group is when Jisoo saw one of her edits on Instagram! She remembers feeling so happy when she found out, and couldn’t imagine that she had seen the video; it meant so much to her. If she could go to a concert, she would want to see them perform “BOOMBAYAH” because not only is it a vibe, it was the first song of theirs that she heard. We’re manifesting Ava gets to see them soon! 🤞🏻

Ava’s favorite part about having a fan account is the love and support she receives daily from Blinks. She also has her own fandom within Blinks called Nuzies! It makes her so happy to see others who have the same interests, as it makes her feel a strong connection to other fans. The best experience she has had through running her fan account was when she got her own @naeuzi fan page! When she first started her account, she had no idea that it would become that popular, but she is so thankful for all the love she receives. ❤️

If Ava could send BLACKPINK a message, she would say: “Your teamwork, hard work, and the relationship between each member really amaze me. All the best to you. I wish you happiness, more success, and all the best. Take care of yourselves, eat healthy, stay happy, and enjoy your life! I will forever be proud of how far you’ve come. I love you.” 💖

We loved getting to talk to Ava, and we hope you loved getting to hear all about her story! If you enjoyed this edition of Behind the Fan, be sure to follow @naeuzi on Instagram. If you want to see more content about your favs, check out our Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! 💜

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