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Behind the Fan: @bestofsos 💜

Written by: Katie Curran

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we had the chance to talk to A.M. and G.F, the people who run the account @bestofsos on Twitter! A and G are from Brazil, and have been fans of 5 Seconds of Summer since 2013. They started the account in 2020 as a fun way to pass time, and have been posting ever since! 🤩

A says she first became a fan around 2013 after listening to Heartbreak Girl! She immediately downloaded it because she loved it so much! After that, as the band started to release more music, she began following them more and more. When asked what she thought was special about the group, A highlighted their producing abilities. She loves how the harmonies and beats they create are so catchy and how listeners never get sick of them. 💃🏻

When asked about their favorite and most meaningful 5SOS songs, the girls said their picks were “Ghost of You” and “Jet Black Heart,” respectively! G loves “Ghost of You” because she associates it with her favorite show, This Is Us! To have that song connected to her favorite show is very meaningful to her. A said her favorite was “Jet Black Heart,” because she feels that it’s truly a timeless song. It’s just as emotional as it was when it was released, and she loves that the metaphors used in the lyrics describe both the darkness and hope within. Both of these songs are definitely fandom favorites. 🤍

Along with their favorite songs, the girls also highlighted their favorite 5SOS videos and memories! One of their all-time favorites is “The Meme Review with 5SOS,” which gave us the iconic “you broke Calum moment.” They also love the 10 Year Celebration Show, because it was both funny and heartwarming at the same time. Their favorite memory is definitely waking up to see that Michael had followed their fan account randomly! Talk about a great start to the day! A says that when she saw the notification, she thought she was seeing things. Aside from that, A’s favorite memory is going to see them in concert. 😍

While neither of them has been able to meet the band, A has been lucky enough to see the boys at Rock in Rio in 2017. In her opinion, it was an insane show, and she even got to witness the iconic “Castaway” guitar solo. The girls are both seeing them on the 5SOS Show Tour, and it will be G’s first time seeing them! We are SO excited for her. If they could plan a 5SOS concert, they said they would love to see Charlotte Sands open for the band! Much like previous openers May-A and Pale Waves, she has a pop-punk/pop-rock sound, which they think matches perfectly with 5SOS. If they could pick songs for 5SOS to play, G said she would love for them to play “Red Line,” and A said she would love to hear “Babylon.” We couldn’t agree more! 🎸

The girls’ favorite part of having a fan account is being able to give fans high-quality photos of the band, and even getting to make fun edits of concert photos for their fellow fans! They’ve been asked about editing tips and have loved being able to share their editing skills with others. When asked about their favorite experience, they’ve had through the account; they said this interview! (Promise we are not crying over this right now.) They have always just wanted to engage fans by sharing content about the boys even when there wasn’t a huge stream of it. 🥰

If the girls could send 5SOS a message, they would say, “keep doing what you love and never forget why you do it! There is a reason why you guys have such a strong and big fanbase community. This special bond you have and the power it has when you unite is something so special, and it shows how 5SOS was something destined to be. You were blessed with your talent, and this gift has helped a lot of people in different times, phases, and obstacles in their lives. Plus, life would be so boring without you and your music. Real bands save fans; real fans save bands, right?” ❤️

We absolutely loved getting to chat with A and G, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed this edition of Behind the Fan! If you loved hearing their story, check out @bestofsos on Twitter! For more about 5SOS and your favorite artists, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. 💜

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