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Behind the Fan: @camilaaccessbrasil 💚

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

For this week’s Behind the Fan, we interviewed Carmen from Brazil! The 21-year-old Camila Cabello superfan runs the account @camilaaccessbrasil and we are excited to share her story with you today! 😍

Carmen first became a fan of Camila in 2018, when she watched her at the VMAs! That year, Camila wore a blue dress with red lipstick and Carmen said she fell in love with her at that moment. She thought she looked absolutely stunning and instantly wanted to learn more about her. That’s when she decided to make her account! What draws her to Camila is her charisma and how funny and genuine she is! 👠

She absolutely loves Camila's song “Inside Out." It reminds Carmen of her senior year, sitting in her room listening to the song–this is when she really became addicted and a huge fan of Camilla! This song makes her feel nostalgic, and she loves hearing it! Her favorite video from Camila is “Bam Bam." Carmen loves all of her videos but she says that every time she watches "Bam Bam," it makes her want to go dancing and completely change her life when she heard it! 💃

Her favorite memory is when Camila liked a post on her account just a few months ago! Carmen was in college at the time and when she got the news, she was in class. She couldn’t freak out but was definitely internally freaking out. She was so excited and couldn’t believe Camila noticed her! To top it all off, two weeks later Camila added one of Carmen’s posts to her story! Carmen was so thankful she wasn’t in class this time. She was at her house and could freak out as much as she wanted! We don’t blame her! 👑

Carmen hasn’t had a chance to meet or see Camila live yet but she would love to see her play with Ariana Grande. She wants to hear them sing Ariana’s song “Moonlight” and Camila's song “This Love.” We know that Carmen will get the chance to see Camila one day soon! 🌙

Carmen says that the best part of running a fan account is the people! She’s made a lot of friends through her account and it was super cool to be noticed by Camila! She says that being noticed by her was the best feeling in the world. Carmen reached her goal for the account when Camila noticed her posts and got to see all how amazing the Camilizers are! 💎

If she could send a message to Camila, this is what Carmen would say: “I want to tell her one day how much I love and admire her so much, and that there are thousands of people who get through a rough day because of her music, because of her. She is a pride for the whole fandom, she is loved by us. ” 🌈

Thanks for letting us interview you, Carmen! We loved learning more about Camila’s music and the face behind @camilaaccessbrasil. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and read more Behind the Fan interviews here! 🧡

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