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Behind the Fan: @dojacatbrazil 💖

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we interviewed Clara! She is the owner of @dojacatbrazil on Instagram. She currently lives in Brazil and might just be Doja Cat’s #1 fan. We are excited to share her story with you today! 🌈

Clara first became a fan of Doja Cat in early 2020. She was introduced to Doja’s music through a friend and she’s been a stan ever since, following her on all social media platforms and listening to all of her new releases. What Clara loves most about Doja is how she is always true to herself. Clara also admires how funny she is and that Doja doesn't care about the opinion of others. 💎

Clara’s favorite Doja song is "Like That" because she identifies with the lyrics and absolutely loves the visuals of the song. Clara says that this song sticks in her mind and gives her a unique feeling that is hard to name. She also loves when Doja Cat collaborates with other artists. Clara’s favs include "motive" and “I Don't Do Drugs.” The latter features Ariana Grande, another one of Clara’s icons! Her fav videos are “You Right” and “Kiss Me More.” Clara says these videos have iconic visuals that really scream Doja’s brand and she’ll never get over them! 🔥

Doja has plenty of iconic moments, from singing about Mexican pizza, to having one of the realest TikTok accounts in the world, it’s hard for Clara to pick her fav Doja Cat moment. If she had to pick, Clara said her favorite Doja moment has to be when she came to Brazil for Lollapalooza. She performed two great shows and even though Clara didn’t get a chance to see it IRL, she followed everything going down from home. It’s the best when your fav shows your home country some love. 🌟

If Clara could plan a Doja Cat show, she’d want to see Ariana Grande on stage with her performing “I Don't Do Drugs.” Clara also wants to hear her favorite songs like, "motive," "Rules", "Like That", and "Candy.” Clara said there are so many songs she wants to hear live and she would have to spend a whole day talking about them and planning out the show. 💖

Her favorite part about running a fan account is the opportunities, partnerships, friendships, and interaction with fans. She goes on to say that she is always looking to inform everyone about all things Doja in the best way possible. It makes Clara feel closer to her. The best experience she had running the account was when someone from Doja’s team recognized her account and saw how dedicated she was! 🎙

If Clara could send a message to Doja Cat this is what she would say: “Doja Cat I admire you so much, both as an artist and as a person, you inspire me and give me the strength to fulfill my dreams. I love being your fan. I just wanted you to know that I love you and that I exist. It would be the realization of a dream and my greatest happiness.” 🌸

Thanks for sharing your story Clara, it was amazing getting the “Need to Know” on all things @dojacatbrazil! Be sure to follow Clara on Instagram for all the latest on Doja Cat and see more Behind the Fan content here!

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