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Behind the Fan: @HalseyInsiders 🌟

By: Gracie Magguilli

In this week's Behind the Fan, we interviewed Daphne, the owner of @HalseyInsiders on Twitter. Daphne is a 22-year-old OG Halsey fan from Texas and we are excited to share her story with you today! ❤️‍🔥

Daphne first became a fan of Halsey in 2014, while they were still early in their career. Daphne said what really connected her to their music was the fans! At the time Halsey only had about 16,000 followers but it was really easy to see how special their fandom was. It was clear to Daphne that Halsey has put 100% of themselves into their music since the beginning, which makes the experience so much more special for fans. 🌟

We then asked Daphne what her favorite Halsey song is and why. She told us her favorite song is “Is There Somewhere" because she really connected with the music. At the time of its release, Daphne confided that she was going through some stuff and as soon as the song was released, she immediately connected with the lyrics. She had never had such an intense reaction to a song, which solidified her love for Halsey. Daphne also says she really likes the song “clementine" and even got a tattoo for the song! 🧡

Daphne has a special connection with the “So Good (Stripped)” video. The video shows footage from Halsey's Love and Power Tour and she and her friends got to be in the footage from the Dallas show. She also enjoys Halsey’s tour diaries because she loves seeing their experience traveling on tour! 🎥

Since she is an OG fan, Daphne has interacted with Halsey a lot online, she told us, “every time I get a dm or a tweet from them it makes my day!” Daphne actually got to meet Halsey at the 2017 Houston stop of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour.

During the show, while they were singing "Is There Somewhere," Halsey held Daphne’s hand! When Daphne met Halsey earlier that night, she gifted them a butterfly crown and matching hair clips that they ended up wearing on stage during the Houston show and at the next tour stop as well! 🦋

Daphne says that meeting Halsey in 2017 was one of the best nights of her life! She said that she'll never forget the moment she walked into the room and introduced herself and Halsey said they knew Daphne from both her personal account and fan account! She got to chat and take pictures with them and she was very kind! 😍

If she could plan a Halsey concert, Daphne would want Halsey and Abby Roberts to tour together again. She would also love to see Post Malone and Halsey perform “Die for Me” IRL because they're two of her favorite artists! She also really wants to hear “Darling” and some of their older songs too! 🎸

Her favorite part about having a fan account is being able to connect with a large number of fans. Daphne told us it is super fun to be recognized at shows, take pictures with people, and just talk about Halsey in general. Daphne's met a lot of wonderful people through her account and appreciates that she's been able to connect with Halsey and her team! 💎

If Daphne could send a message to Halsey she would say: “Just thank you. Thank you for being a constant source of light and support in my life these past eight years, thank you for your music and your kindness.” 🥰

Thank you Daphne for your lovely interview and be sure to follow her Twitter account @HalseyInsiders and check out more Behind the Fan interviews here! 🌟

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