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Behind the Fan: 🤘🏼

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we were able to talk with Javiera! She’s from Chile and runs the Instagram account! We are so lucky to have been able to chat with her and can’t wait to share her story about how much she loves the Jonas Brothers! 🎸

Javi first became a fan of the Jonas Brothers in 2010. She said she knows it was a little late, but when they first became famous, she didn’t love their music as much as she did when she started watching Jonas L.A. That’s when she knew she loved them and the music they were releasing! She thinks one of the most special things about their music is how they’re able to show both the good times and the bad times. It’s so easy to see how passionate they are about writing their own music and that makes it so much more relatable! 🥰

Speaking of relatable, the song that means the most to Javi is “Hold On.” She told us that it’s one of her all-time favorite songs because of how much it helped her through rough times and how she thinks the lyrics speak for themselves. Javi is in awe of how much meaning they could put in their songs at such a young age! 🤍

Javi’s been lucky enough to see the Jonas Brothers twice, with the first time being in her home country of Chile in 2013, and then she flew to West Palm Beach, Florida to see them! The West Palm Beach show was so fun for Javi because she went with a friend and got to the venue early enough to buy merch and make new friends. One of her favorite videos she has is one where Joe shouts out her section and even points to them! Javi told us her favorite Jonas Brothers memory is when Joe actually interacted with her fan account. She made posters for both the Happiness Begins tour and Remember This tour and Joe reposted them to his Instagram story! 😍

If Javi could plan her dream Jonas Brothers concert, she’d make sure they played “Feelin’ Alive,” “Underdog,” “What Did I Do To Your Heart,” and “Sorry”! They’d play with Taylor Swift again at this show because of how absolutely iconic it was when they used to perform together! We know those performances are forever ingrained in our minds! 🥺

Her favorite part of owning her fan account is the way she can interact with other fans! Javi told us that she loves the people she’s been able to meet through running her account. She also loves how cool it is to know a little more about how tours and the music industry work behind the scenes and how she’s able to be more conscious about who’s on their touring team! One of the best memories she’s had from her fan account (besides the time the guys have interacted with her account!) is when she was at the Remember This tour and someone from their sound team actually recognized her and her friends! He knew them because of the stories they’d been sharing all day about how excited they were to finally be there. 🤩

Javi told us that if she could say anything to the Jonas Brothers, it would be that she knows it’s difficult to, but please try and come to Latin America more often! She said “if you could do the half of things you do in the US in Latin America you guys could be on top of the top of our hearts, like you didn't already win us over! P.S. Hire Jonas fans on your team!” ❤️

If you enjoyed reading Javi’s story as much as we did, make sure to follow her on to keep up with everything JoBros related! Let us know your favorite memories with the Jonas Brothers, or your favorite songs on our Instagram or Twitter! For more amazing fan stories, check out other Behind the Fan blogs here!

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