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Behind the Fan: @lt.worldtour ❤️‍🔥

For this week’s Behind the Fan, we were lucky enough to talk to Lisa! She’s from Germany and runs the amazing account @lt.worldtour on Instagram! Keep reading to hear her awesome story and how Louis Tomlinson has made a difference in her life!

Lisa first became a fan of Louis when she started listening to One Direction about 5 years ago! She immediately loved all the members of the band when she first started listening, but she told us that as time went on, she really could feel how much Louis could connect with fans. She thinks that the connection he has with his fans is so incredibly special and loves how you can feel the love and honor he has for every single fan! 🥺

Her favorite song is “Just Hold On” because it reminds her to stay strong and continue what she’s doing if she’s doing it for the right reasons and goals! Lisa told us she loves how beautifully written the lyrics are and that she was able to hear the song live in Oslo on Louis’ first solo world tour. That made it all the more special to her! ✨

One thing about Louis that makes Lisa so happy is whenever she sees a video of him smiling! She thinks that he looks like the sun when he smiles, and we love how happy it makes her! 💜

Lisa's favorite memory is when she was finally able to see Louis live in concert at his Oslo show in March of 2022! She didn’t think she was going to be able to go because none of the dates really worked out for her, but she spontaneously bought tickets to Oslo a week and a half before the show and that she doesn’t regret it at all! Her other all-time favorite memory is when she actually got the chance to meet Louis in London! She went right after one of her classes, and waited in the cold for a few hours with two other fans she met. She was so nervous, and once Louis came out she told us that she was in complete shock, but once they took a photo she was able to thank him for taking the time to stop for a picture. 😍

At Lisa’s dream Louis show, she would love to have Only The Poets open for him again! She loved them so much the first time and thinks it would be amazing to have them open for him again. If she had to pick someone new, it would definitely be Greg Pearson because of his voice and lyrics! The setlist would include tons of songs, but also some of her favorites such as “Just Hold On,”Chicago,” and “Saturdays!” 🎶

Something she thinks is so special about Louis’ fandom is all of the amazing friends she’s made through his music! She told us that she met her best friend and other close friends because of her fanpage. Meeting friends at concerts is such a special feeling, and one she’s been able to experience! Lisa loves that she’ll always have someone to talk to that understands her obsession with the artist and their music, which is also one of her favorite experiences she’s had through running her fanpage! She loves that she gets to support Louis in this way and make so many new friends and have conversations with new people all the time. 🫂

Lisa told us that if she could tell Louis anything, it would be this: "Thank you for always taking care of us fans which is not normal for every artist. I am proud of you for finding your way music wise with the 2nd album and I can't wait for the next tour and all the incredible memories connected to it. Enjoy each and every single second while being on tour!” We hope that you get to meet him again and tell him in person! 🥰

Make sure to follow Lisa on @lt.worldtour for all of your Louis Tomlinson news and updates! Let us know what your favorite Louis Tomlinson songs and memories are on our Instagram or Twitter and keep an eye out for more Behind the Fan content in 2023! 🤍

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