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Behind the Fan: @meowwswift 🪩

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we got to interview Alexandra from Belgium! She’s from Bruxelles and runs the incredible fan account @meowwswift on Instagram! If you want to know more about her and her love for Taylor Swift, keep reading!

Alexandra told us that she became a fan of Taylor during the Fearless and Speak Now eras when she was around 12 years old! She said that she knew who Taylor Swift was even before then, but that she wouldn’t have called herself a “Swiftie” until Red was released! Alexandra would constantly be checking and refreshing Taylor’s YouTube account to make sure she wasn’t missing any new music. She told us that she thinks Taylor’s music is so special because of her ability to write music that has always described how Alexandra felt in some shape or form, which is so cool! 🎤

Speaking of songs that connect with Alexandra, her favorite song is “Cornelia Street”! She has a pretty unique connection to this song because she actually met Taylor’s brother Austin while walking down Cornelia Street in New York City! Listening to the song now makes her emotional because not only is the song special and meaningful to her, but it’s also a super meaningful song to Taylor! Alexandra loves having that in common with her. 🫂

One of the best Taylor Swift videos Alexandra could think of is when Taylor filmed herself making all of her Swiftmas gifts in 2014! Taylor’s connection with her fans is so unique and this video highlights how much she loves and adores every one of her fans. Alexandra is so inspired by the connection Taylor has with her fans and thinks this is the perfect video to show that. 💜

While Alexandra’s never been directly noticed by Taylor herself, her favorite memories of Taylor are when she interacted with so many of Alexandra’s friends during the Reputation era and tour! Alexandra’s told us she’s only the slightest bit sad that Taylor hasn’t seen her face because she’s just so ecstatic and happy for her friends being noticed! 💖

If Alexandra could plan her perfect Taylor Swift concert, she would definitely have Harry Styles come as a special guest and perform with her! Who wouldn’t love that? Her openers of choice would either be Phoebe Bridgers, who’s opening for Taylor at some of the U.S. dates and is featured on a vault track from Red (Taylor’s Version), or Belgian singer Angèle! Alexandra loves both of them so much, so she couldn’t choose just one. 🥺

When we asked Alexandra what her favorite part of having her fan account is, she told us that it’s the fact that she has a platform to share her love for Taylor and connect with other fans in a unique way! Alexandra said that having a fan account during so many of Taylor’s eras, especially during the Reputation era brought her closer to other people who love her and her music as much as she does. Her best experience with her fan account is not only the fact that she met Austin but just the way she was able to build her account from the ground up on her own! At first, she thought it was a little “cringey” but came to be more confident and admitted how much of a Swiftie she is and how much she loves Taylor’s music! We love the self-growth she went through! 🤩

Alexandra told us that if she could tell Taylor anything she wanted, she’d definitely have to condense it a little because she has so much she wants to tell her, but the thing she’d make sure to say is that Taylor’s music has always been there for and she’s so thankful that she shares the creative writing process with her fans. Alexandra said that she “definitely feels as though I grew up with her, and the fact that she feels the same about her fanbase makes me feel really warm and fuzzy.” 🥰

Make sure to keep up with Alexandra on @meowwswift to keep up with all things Taylor Swift! If you have any fun Taylor Swift memories or want to let us know your favorite songs or videos, let us know on our Instagram or Twitter! 🤍

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