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Behind the Fan: @niallhoranpty 🎸

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann


Fandom accounts are amazing connection points to meet other like minded people who love the same artists as you! Being able to hear stories of how fans meet each other because of their accounts is something we at With the Band love to hear! This week, we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at a special kind of fan account, because this account isn’t just run by one person but TWO!! @niallhoranpty is a Niall Horan fan account run by both Jonathan and Camila, who we welcome to Behind the Fan this week! 🕺

To get a little background on how Jonathan and Camila became friends, it first started when Jonathan created his account @niallhoranpty. His friend Camila joined on to help Jony (Jonathan) translate things from Spanish to English, and vice-versa and help edit photos! 🤗

In asking how Jony became a Niall Horan fan in the first place, he explained that it started way back in 2012 when Niall was still with One Direction. Niall’s chill and relaxed personality give him a cool vibe; his voice, charisma, and love for his fans is just a small piece of the puzzle that makes Jony love Niall so much! 💜

Of course, we have seen how Niall has matured and grown from his One Direction days, which includes a huge growth in his sound and music! We asked both Jony and Camila what their favorite song(s) of Niall’s are, and here’s what they had to say! ✨

Jony: “I really like ‘Small Talk’! It has a really sexy and chill vibe all at the same time!” 🤩

Camila: “It would probably be ‘New Angel’! I wrote a second verse for that song, which I hope to sing for him one day!” 🥰

Okay, that would be SO COOL if you got to share that with Niall one day, Camila! 👏🏼

But in getting back to the interview, we of course had to know what videos of Niall are Jony and Camila’s favorite! They replied with any video Niall is trying to speak Spanish in! “I love the accent he has,” Jony explains. 🥺

Being the superfans that Jony and Camila are, we were curious to hear some of their favorite memories of Niall! Here is what Jony had to say: “My favorite memory about Niall is when he won his first AMA as a solo artist! That makes me so proud and happy!” We agree! How cool was it to see that?! 🥳

As for Camila, she shared how she actually got to go to Niall’s soundcheck in 2018! “It was incredible! It was the best show I have ever been to! Maren Morris also opened for him during that tour - She is so tiny and beautiful, and also just incredibly talented!” 💕

We know that running a fan account comes with some pretty amazing stories! One story in particular that Jony and Camila shared was about an edit Camila made. The edit of Niall being in a news report was during a time when Niall was not posting much on his social media accounts. After the edit was posted, a couple months went by, and then Jony and Camila got an unexpected like by none other than Niall himself! How crazy is that?! 🎉