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Behind the Fan: @paramoreitalia 🎸

Updated: Feb 7

In the first Behind the Fan of 2023, we interviewed Claudia! She’s from Milan, Italy, and runs the fan account @paramoreitalia on Instagram! We’re excited to share her story and how Paramore has impacted her life! 🤘🏼

Claudia first became a fan of Paramore when "Misery Business" was still premiering on MTV! She says that she immediately fell in love with their music due to the rock influences she heard and loved so much. She didn’t want to expose herself too much with this, but for a while, she thought that Paramore’s music reminded her of the stuff Hannah Montana was releasing! She thought that everything Paramore was putting out was so catchy and stood out among all of the other bands playing on MTV. She loved that the lead singer, Hayley Williams, was someone who reminded her of herself and was somewhat close to her age! Claudia told us that Paramore made her feel like she was part of something and that’s what drew her to them!🤍

When we asked Claudia what her favorite Paramore song is, she had an incredible answer! She told us that her favorite song is “Anklebiters,” which she notes is definitely not a crowd favorite, but the song still means so much to her. The song is about falling in love with yourself and being your own biggest fan, and when Claudia saw them live in 2013, Hayley actually pulled her up on stage during "Anklebiters!" She told us how much that song and moment impacted her, and we agree with her that it was definitely meant to happen! 🎤

Not only is it hard to choose a favorite song, but it’s equally as hard for any fan

to choose a favorite video! Claudia told us that she loves and misses all of the “vlog-style” videos that Paramore used to make, specifically the ones from when they were on tour back in 2011, and taught us “How To Pack In Under Five Minutes!” ✈️

Claudia’s been lucky enough to have seen Paramore in concert 14 times! She’s only seen them once in Italy and has had such grea