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Behind the Fan: @rolemodelupdated 💜

Written by: Katie Curran

In this week’s Behind the Fan, we had the amazing opportunity to speak with Gabriela! She is from California, and owns the Instagram account @rolemodelupdated! We are so lucky to share her story and how ROLE MODEL has played such a big role in her life. 😍

Gabriela first became a fan of Role Model in September 2020, when she was introduced to his music through TikTok. She looks back on this fondly because Role Model himself isn’t the biggest fan of the app! She loves that he is willing to try new things in terms of his music, and always gets it right. According to Gabriela, he never disappoints with new releases and knows how to mess around with new sounds and make them sound great. 🎤

When we asked Gabriela what her favorite song was, she said “that’s just how it goes.” It was the first song of his that she heard, and ever since her first listen she has loved it. Gabriela also said that her favorite music video was “a little more time,” because the video is more personal and unlike any of the other videos he’s done before! Her favorite clip in the video is him performing the song at a few colleges he recently played. 🤍

Gabriela has seen ROLE MODEL perform live three times, all of which were a blast. At two of the shows, she even got to meet him! While she was initially nervous, she loved that she got to have a genuine conversation with him. She even met one of his managers, and at the third show, he sang happy birthday to her! At the same show, she met two of her online friends, Alli and Eli, in person for the first time. We love internet besties! 🥰

Aside from meeting ROLE MODEL and seeing him live, her favorite memory is pranking him twice on April Fools Day! The first year, she posted on Twitter that his account got hacked, and this year she posted a fake tour announcement. ROLE MODEL commented on both, saying that she scared him. We love a good laugh, especially when it comes to our favorite stars! 🤪

Gabriela loves being able to interact with fans over the Internet, especially when new music gets released and photoshoots are announced! Getting closer to her followers and building that community with them, as well as with ROLE MODEL himself, is something she holds very close to her heart. In the future, she hopes that this community continues to grow. Her dream is for ROLE MODEL to collab with Gracie Abrams, whether it be on a song or a show. A ROLE MODEL x Gracie show would be iconic if you ask us. 😉

If you loved getting to hear about Gabriela as much as we did, check out her Instagram @rolemodelupdated! For more fan stories like hers, make sure to check out our other Behind the Fan stories here! 💜

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